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Hey folks, so here's one that came up the other day. I had three plasma / power claw dreads running in a squadron (thought I'd give it a bash as a defence against deathwing) and my opponent deep struck Belial and friends 1" behind my rear dreadnought and unloaded many a bolter shot with some missiles and combi melta for giggles. End result being the rear dread was down two hull points with a crew stunned result.

Now admittedly I should have had the rear dread facing backwards to defend against the bolter volley, and also squadronning is usually a terrible idea but I had limited force org and thought I'd give it a go.

Anyway, the question came up as to whether or not the squadron could still charge. As far as I'm aware vehicles don't typically charge in groups and I couldn't find anything specifically covering walker squadrons.

I couldn't even find anything along the lines of "all models in the charging unit must be able to move".

The only relevant restrictions I could find were that the unit must end it's charge in cohesion, and given that the Terminators we're 1" away from the stunned dreadnought, this wasn't a problem. Fortunately my opponent allowed the charge, but I can't quite shake the feeling I'm forgetting / missing something.

Thoughts please.
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