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Can anyone scratch build a GK Battle Barge?

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I'm looking to commission someone for some work. Not sure if this should be in the trading forum, since I want to purchase... but it really is all about modeling, so...

I currently have a Grey Knight fleet in BFG. I have the Forge World Grey Knight strike cruisers; I can not stand the Strike Cruisers that GW makes... too blocky, they remind me of cities more then lethal vessels. On the other hand, FW's Grey Knight ships are much more impressive, far more sleek and regal looking.

But now I need a Battle Barge to match.

I have one already assembled, one of the stock models, all painted up and such... but I would really, REALLY like one in the same basic design as the ones built in the FW style. So I'm trying to find someone who's good at either scratch-building, or converting, who might be intrested in trying this project, and putting together such a ship for me.

NOTE: This isn't an order yet... I'd like to chat with said person first. But if anyone's up for it....

Feel free to PM here, email me at [email protected], or just post to this thread.

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thats big!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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