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Can anyone reccomend a 40k AB plugin besides AB40K?

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I've got Armybuilder, and until just recently I've been a big fan of what the developers at AB40k.org have been doing.

But about a week ago they started making absolute BS rulings that aren't supported by the codex. When their mistake is pointed out they start stonewalling and demanding an FAQ ruling on it before they fix the problem with their program, threatening to remove posting privileges from anyone who tries to argue it further.

Neither one of these rulings has any impact on any of my lists, but their attitude and pigheaded refusal to listen to reason has really soured my opinion of them.

So does anyone know of any *other* 40k plugins for Army Builder besides theirs?
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What's the harm in allowing the option? The people that think you can't take the option won't take it, while those that think you can and want to will.

Leaving the option open doesn't force anything on anybody. Closing it off does.

If they're that concerned about it, they could just add a note to the the verification or add a check-box like when using a Repressor in a my Sisters army (in my AB2.2 anyway).
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