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Can anyone reccomend a 40k AB plugin besides AB40K?

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I've got Armybuilder, and until just recently I've been a big fan of what the developers at AB40k.org have been doing.

But about a week ago they started making absolute BS rulings that aren't supported by the codex. When their mistake is pointed out they start stonewalling and demanding an FAQ ruling on it before they fix the problem with their program, threatening to remove posting privileges from anyone who tries to argue it further.

Neither one of these rulings has any impact on any of my lists, but their attitude and pigheaded refusal to listen to reason has really soured my opinion of them.

So does anyone know of any *other* 40k plugins for Army Builder besides theirs?
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It'a nothing insanely major, but their steaadfast refusal to even listen to counter-arguements has pissed me off.

The core of it is in the Blood Angels Land Speeder entry.

The program currently refuses to allow Typoon Missile Launchers to be added to a speeder equipped with a Heavy Flamer or Assault Cannon.

However, the wording in the codex is pretty damned clear that they are 'added' with no references made whatsoever to limitations or interactions with other weapons. When the official FAQ failed to address it, I assumed this was clear enough and meant to be.

But they refused to allow it because they say you can;t prove that the line saying that it may add a typhoon missile launcher is in addition to other weapons, and they cite references to other, older cidices which are, frankly, irrelevant to the newer BA codex.

So they;ve flagged it as ;issue closed, pending FAQ' which emans 'never' since GW is stingy with FAQs, especially if a dex just had one.

Someone else then pointed out that if they;re going to be that way then they should remove the option to issue special weapons to honour guard characters since the wording is similar.

So they did.

Basically they've decided to nerf the BA codex for no other reason than they don't want to be proven wrong

Now, myself, I don't use speeders anymore, and I rarely pay for character upgrades for my honour guards, so it doesn't impact the lists I make, but it just strikes me as petty and arbitrary, and they steadfastly refuse to hear what anyone has to say about it.

So I'm pissed at them and looking for an alternative.
And i don't know enough about programming to change it myself

I think I'm mostly pissed because it's such a shock. These same guys ruled to allow Bike+Servo Harness for codex tech marines because they;re not in the business of making up rules and that the program should reflect what the RAW allows, even if it seems illogical. Meanwhile they just up and decide that the word 'add' is too fucking vague to mean 'in addition to whatever the fuck else it has' and start making up their own ruling on it rather than leaving it available until ruled otherwise.
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That's what I'm saying.

They've always sided with allowing it unless the rules were expressly clear. Now all the sudden they're making up personal rulings and trying to pull intent into it. It's very unlike them.

As I said, they actually altered the program to allow bike+servo harness, despite evidence of 'intent' against it, in the form of unofficial FAQs from the old board. But they said flat out that it wasn;t their place to make rulings when the RAW isn;t clear.

This reversal is a shock, especially when all they had to do was just add the option and leave it up to the player to decide. Then their steadfast refusal to discuss it after the decision was made.

Just not a good attitude ot have
Except the word they use for the typhoon launcher is "ADD"

As in "In addition to"

It is *given* an assault cannon, and then it has a typhoon launcher *added*

how is that somehow vague and mysterious?
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