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Can anyone reccomend a 40k AB plugin besides AB40K?

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I've got Armybuilder, and until just recently I've been a big fan of what the developers at AB40k.org have been doing.

But about a week ago they started making absolute BS rulings that aren't supported by the codex. When their mistake is pointed out they start stonewalling and demanding an FAQ ruling on it before they fix the problem with their program, threatening to remove posting privileges from anyone who tries to argue it further.

Neither one of these rulings has any impact on any of my lists, but their attitude and pigheaded refusal to listen to reason has really soured my opinion of them.

So does anyone know of any *other* 40k plugins for Army Builder besides theirs?
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I found the posting you are refering to about BA and the Land Speeder ordeal. First I would like to point out that Harkan did say that if anyone had an issue with the ruling they should PM him and not post it to the bug report. As there had been a flame war going on previously they did not want any more post prior to recieving clarification. Second I would like to say that you posted in a very nasty manner that was not very conducive to remedying the issue. This is one ruling and they do leave room to change their minds just not untill after another FAQ comes out. If need by I believe I may be able to make a modified 40K file that would allow you to have Blood Angel Landspeeders with the changes you requested but it may be overwritten by future downloads of AB40K files.

I will PM Harkan to discuss this issue with him and see if we might be able to come to a satisfactory comprimise but for the record I'm with them on the intention of the developers to not have both Typhoon Missle launcher and Assualt Cannon on the same Land Speeder.
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Again I understand your issue and I have read the codex and both sides of the arguement. I have PMed Harkan with my request and hope to open a dialog with him concerning this issue. I worked with them previously to help get Deamonhunters fully functional back in the days of 2.1 and 2.2 so I may be able to help. This is a time for you to listen to your own signature and try to resolve this cooly.

I dont believe they will listen to the arguement that this is "RAW" to allow it as they clearly see that the option is there but they are going with the more traditional "RAI" in that they believe that the developers did not intend to allow this LS build. As I said before I personally believe that that is the developers intetion as well but I am trying to work on a comprimise with them.

If need be I can possibly change the datafile to give the requested functionality but Im not sure as I havent even looked at the datafile yet to see how it was built. I have changed datafiles in the past but havent really worked with it since 2.2 days.
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Ok.. I've recieved a reply from Harkan on this matter and as Wraithlord said above it will be left as is untill they can recieve anything clear cut.

Now to post a counter arguement to your arguement...

If you went as per your wording on the BA Landspeeder and applied it to other Codex which read the same then Space Marine Tactical Squads could have a single model with both flamer/meltagun/plasmagun AND Heavy Bolter/Missle Launcher/Plasma Cannon/Las Cannon/Multi Melta.

Both wargear descriptions read the same... 1 Marine/Speeder may have such and such weapon. 1 Marine/Speeder may have this such and such weapon. In neither description is it either/or. So by your arguement for the Landspeeders equipped with both weapons I can do the same with my Space Marines and technically have a Bolter/Meltagun/Heavy Bolter equipped Space Marine?
The reason for the word of ADD is because the vehicle already has one weapon and they are adding a second weapon. Your describing a vehicle with 3 weapons and only 2 passengers.. whose firing the 3rd weapon?? Heavy Bolter *check*, Assualt Cannon *check*, Missle Launcher ???
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