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The Story About the Ignominies of Korsk the Second.​

(Please excuse the place holder replies in this thread, they will be filled with information as soon as possible).

We are a group of people that have known each other for a years now. As time flew by we decided to pick up Warhammer 40k. However years have passed since then and we've had different degrees of playing and modelling experience. To work towards a common goal (Apocalypse armies?), to play more games and to spur each other on to keep at it we've come up with a campaign idea which this thread will be dedicated to.

The thread is mostly used as a common area for all of us to keep track of moves made and points earned. We set out with the dedication to put in pieces of fluff and perhaps even some battle reports here as well. Feel free to comment or ask anything. The thread will be updated at least one time a month with new pictures of the campaign map.


Mentally hilarious
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Korsk Primaris – Planetary Survey

Ultima Segmentum

Sector: Charadon Sector
Sub-Sector: Korsk Angelus
System: Korsk Primaris
Last Surveyed: 890994.M41
Planets: Eleven

Inner Planets
Korsk Ignitus rock, no atmosphere, irradiated
Korsk Solom rock, no atmosphere, irradiated
Korsk I rock, unstable atmosphere, highly volcanic
Korsk II temperate, stable atmosphere Hive
Moon I rock, no atmosphere
Moon II rock, atmosphere
Moon III rock, no atmosphere​
Korsk III temperate, stable atmosphere Civilised World – Mining
Moon IV rock, unstable atmosphere
Moon V rock, unstable atmosphere​
Korsk IV rock, unstable atmosphere, dead world
Moon VI rock, no atmosphere
Moon VII rock, no atmosphere​
Korsk V gas giant​
Outer Planets
Korsk VI gas giant
Korsk VII icy, stable atmosphere
Korsk VIII iceball
Korsk IX iceball​
Asteroidfields divide the systems outer and inner planets. Most likely remnamnt from a planet destroyed by comet impact.​
None known.​


Korsk II - Survey

Summary: Mineral rich world in a mineral rich sector. Forge world capabilities located at the northern continent.
Size: Equatorial diameter – 14340 miles
Gravity: 1.03 G
Satellites: Three
Population: 127 billion
Rotation speed: 1202.35 mph
Orbit: Mean orbital distance is 353 million kms from star.
Climate Classification: Temperate - Semi-arid
Mean Surface Temperature: 27° C
Tropospheric Composition: 77% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, 0.6% argon, 0.4% carbon dioxide, trace amounts of other gases.
Tithe Grade: Decuma Particular - Exactis Extremis
Aestimare: B50
Climatic Regions: Polar caps – medium, deterorating at steady pace.
Seas: 53% of planet surface
Mountain/Highland: Mountain range stretching from northern to southern polar caps (”Spine of the World”). Contains a large portion of the mining operations.
Plains/Lowlands: Mining and manufactorum operations.
Climatic Phenomena: Equitorial belt relatively stable. Polar caps plagued with intense and highly unpredictable snowstorms.
Flora: Diverse but declining along the equitorial belt. Polar caps contains some remarkable plant life.
Fauna: Approaching erradication. Unknown status in the polar regions.
Economy: Lively economy, local trading not regulated by Adeptus Administratum officials. Lively export markets. Principal export markets: Ultima Segmentum forge worlds and hive worlds.
Society: Hierarchical (Rogue Trader): Workers, supervisors, administrators and rulers. Planetary Govenor – hereditary position.
Water Supply: Natural Precipitation.
Principal Exports: Munitions, minerals, machinery, chemicals and manpower.
Principal Imports: Foodstuffs and fuel.
Food Supply: Hydrophonic.
Urbanisation: Main area of manufacturing facilities established on the continent of Hibymnia (stretching from one side of the spine to the other along the equator). Refining facilities more sporadically placed along strip mining facilities. Hive cities have grown along the center of this continent and over 98% of the population resides here. Star ports are spread evenly along the civilised areas of the planet, infrastructure is well built and provides good means of transportation between cities.
2% of the population operate strip mining facilities or distant projects (exploration of polar caps or deep underground expeditions).
Tectonic Activity: Continental drift is stable along the equator. Polar regions are more unstable and severe earthquakes has plagued the region, causing much problem for many expeditions that have visited the area.
Known History:
3.631547.M39 - Initial Survey. System appeared after massive cosmological storms in the region finally settled. Initially systems scanned where deemed unfit for official interest due to unstable atmospheres for human workers.
8.542137.M40 - Unknown phenomena caused a minor but vital change in the tropospheric composition of the atmosphere on the planet. Unknown what caused this change and how. Stabilizing the atmosphere made plant and animal life literally exploded in diversity. Colonisation from official channels still at low interest.
7.234345.M40 - First Rogue Trader colonies settled. Strip mining started. Exploration of planetary assets intensified throughout the system.
6.567379.M40 - First great conflict between trader families for control of the planet.
6.854440.M40 - Second great conflict between trader families. Heavy losses within the population. Workers near total revolt.
3.437550.M40 - Korsk family finally assumes control of the planet, using mercenary forces, ending blood feuds and conflicts for now. Family of Korsk settled into government and connections were made to official channels of the human empire. Planets in system renamed to Korsk in honour of the family.
4.517601.M40 - Massive earthquake in the northern polar regions halts expansion colonization.
3.496645.M41 - First official Departmento Munitorum conscription. Founding of 1st Korskian Imperial Guard regiment. Mercenary forces disbanded.
4.346701.M41 - Massive earthquake in what was thought to be a stable tectonic region destroys hive city Namatur, 17 billion civilians lost.
3.233880.M41 - Conscription temporarily halted after formation of the 21st Korskian Imperial Guard regiment.
6.691933.M41 - Uprising within Rogue Trader families. Labour disputes starts, local military manages to keep conflict isolated to minor facilities. A number of workers killed by military.
2.543950.M41 - Korsk family receive harsh critique and penalties from official channels by rumours of using renegade connections to stay in power. Inquisitors sent to investigate and oversee continuing ruling.
6.368967.M41 - Uprising Rogue Trader families keep up their political warfare against the Korsk family. Korskian military regiments divide and serve under other families. Korsk family along with followers suspected to have gone renegade, possibly under chaos influence. Contact lost with official Inquisitors observing the planet.
6.366987.M41 - Worker rebellion anew, this time organised. Korskian military unable to suppress militia resistance. Conflicting Rogue Trader families put harsh political pressure Korsk family to solve the conflict non-violently.
6.670990.M41 - Conflict continues to expand and remains without foreseeable solution.
6.897994.M41 - Korsk family declares independence from the Imperium. Civil War breaks out. Official channels calls out for nearby Adeptus Astartes and imperial guard battalions to aid in thwarting the rebellion. Alien influence and presence suspected.


More details to come.

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Campaign Rule-set:
  • Map & Map Details:
  • 10 Planetary Empire hexagons (from now on referred to as ”tiles”) per player (at start-up, we will cover the addition of additional players later on (should the need ever arise)). Tiles on the map will be named after set-up in accordance to alphabetic order from left to right and a numeral order from top till bottom of each row. Example: A1, A2, A3 | B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 | C1, C2 […].

    Tiles and tile structures:
  • Apart from terrain features of different tiles (which should be reflected as much as possible in the mission) some tiles on the map have structures on them. These structures have different effects on the campaign and on missions played on as described below.

    Basic tile:
  • A tile (with or without structures on it) has a basic value of +10 pts / round which it gives the owning player. This effect is equal for all tiles (unless noted on special rules for a structure occupying said tile, which is covered in structure specific rules mentioned below).

    Command Center:
    Most armies make use of roaming centres of command to be able to advance with their army as the campaign continues. Without the tactical advantage of advanced communication and influence over surrounding areas it's hard for a commander to keep control over any territory at all.
    [Picture missing]
  • Every Player has ONE Command Center. This represents the primary command relay of the army, it's strategic focal point, mother-creature of creeps or structure of similar importance to the army. This Command Center is placed on the first tile taken by the player (usually in the deployment, see below). It can later on be moved one tile per round to an adjacent tile already under control by the player.
  • The Command Center itself does not give any specific influence to the tile it occupies, but rather makes sure all other resources on all captured tiles are kept at full accessibility. Losing ones Command Center has a major inpact on all your tiles (see below).

    Civilised planets make use of spaceports to launch transports from the planet surface as well as landingzones for incoming supplies. Densly populated areas makes use of spaceports to a greater extent then more feudal worlds do. Because of this it is often a high priority for invading armies to secure spaceports in order to minimize the manouverability of the defending forces.
  • Spaceports are used to launch quick attacks and cut of enemy advances. In campaign terms this means that a player that owns a spaceport can attack any other tile with a spaceport as if he was attacking from a adjesent tile (see movement and attacking section for more detailed information on how an attack move is made).
  • The Spaceport can also be used to move the Command Center to another Spaceport tile already owned by the player in question.
  • Note that Spaceport never create or be used as a link between tiles for special effects given by tiles.

    Power Station:
    With a widely spread population it's often necessary for government to spread power throughout the planets surface. In order to ensure an complete coverage they make use of small power stations to cover regional needs more efficiently.
  • A power station invigorates all tiles it's connected to and makes manoeuvrability easier for the army in this area. Should a player own more Power Stations then his opponent he may add +X to the deployment roll, +X on the roll for first round and +X when rolling for reserve if playing a mission versus that player. X being the difference in Power Stations between the players.

    Shield Generator:
    Many governments protect their more sensitive structures (such as factories and hive cities) with advanced shield generators. These make them less vulnerable to orbital attacks and long range artillery, which enables defences to gather better and less make them less disturbed by the enemies preliminary bombardment.
  • A Shield Generator negates the effect of the enemies Power Stations if the tile with the generator is attacked (should the attacker have an advantage in numbers). Additionally it provides the owner of the tile with the generator a +1 advantage as described by the Power Station special rules in Missions fought on said tile.

    Factories and supply depots are widely spread on hive planets and forge worlds. These are often considered gold mines in campaigns since restocking can be hard to come by in the midst of battle.
  • A tile with a manufactorum generates +20 pts / round to the tile it occupies instead of the normal +10 pts / round.

    Hive City:
    Vast cities covering huge areas. Floor after floor with skyscrapers touching the atmosphere. Billions upon billions of people live in these areas, making them hot pots for cult activities should government lose control of it's people.
    [Picture missing]
  • A Hive city generates +30 pts / round instead of the normal +10 pts / round. It also has a Spaceport, a Power Station and a Shield Generator.

  • Campaign starts with the design of the map. Each player then studies the map and notes down the tile they wish to deploy their army on hidden. This is the spot where they will place their Command Center (see separate entry for details). The pieces of papers are then put in a pot and drawn out (mostly for the suspense factor).
  • All deployments are then solved simultaneously, should conflict arise (if two or more players has chosen the same tile as deployment zone) they will have to fight for the tile. The winner of such a Mission may use the chosen tile as deployment zone and can place his Command Center there. The loser must pass this round and will be forced to set up a deployment zone in a adjacent tile the next round (note that if this tile is owned or attacked by another player in the following round a new mission must be played, meaning that a weak/unlucky player can be delayed indefinitely from deploying!)
  • Should the first conflict mission be a draw there will be a new mission the following round (this can also be repeated indefinitely should the armies be of equally strong players).

  • Each round starts with every player noting down up to one attack (see below) and eventual movement of the Command Center. Then all these moves are drawn and played simultaneously.

  • Once per round a player may choose to attack a tile adjacent to any tile that player fully controls (see control below).

    Attacking a Neutral Tile:
  • If an attack tile is neutral (not owned by an enemy player) a Standard mission versus a 750 pts neutral army is played (1000 pts if a Hive City is attacked). A neutral army is any army that any player possesses (can even be an army in the campaign) played by any player (a great opportunity to try out different armies).
  • The attacking player receives a +25 pts bonus per tile he already controls. This represents the slow domination over the local resistance.
  • Should the attacking player win this mission he has conquered the tile and recieves all its bonuses from now on. He may also use this tile as a base for future attacks versus adjacent tiles the following round.
  • Should the mission be a draw the attacking player has conquered the tile and recieves its bonuses but cannot use the tile to launch attacks to an adjacent tile until one round has passed.
  • Should the attacking player lose the mission he has still conquered the tile but will not receive its bonuses nor be able to launch attacks to adjacent tiles until one round has passed.
  • Exception to these rules mentioned above are "Hive City tiles" which can only be conquered if the attacking player wins the mission (this is to avoid players walking into Hive Cities early in the campaign to gain their high bonuses without a proper fight).
  • Should two players attack the same neutral tile it will become a Mission between the two players instead following normal rules for player versus player (as described below).

    Attacking an Enemy Tile:
  • If a tile is already owned by another player is attacked the defending player can choose to defend it. A mission is played and the winner receives ownership of the tile, and receives its bonuses and may use it to launch attacks on adjacent tiles after that. Note that there are no limits to how many times a player can defend himself per round.
  • Should the battle be a draw it will become conflicted and generates no bonuses until someone has taken over it. To conquer a conflicted tile you launch an attack as defined above on the conflicted tile.

  • If two or more players wish to conquer a tile (should more than one player attack the same tile, for example) a Mission will be played. The exact type of mission and its point size shall be decided through a gentleman's agreement. It's highly recommended that the mission chosen fits the situation it arose in, to strengthen the feeling of campaign and fluff.
  • The point size is then adjusted by a bonus of +50 pts per tile difference between players, in favour to the underdog. Meaning that if a player with 5 tiles is attacked by one with 10 the underdog will have a +250 pts bonus to play with in said mission.
  • If players choose to have a very large fight, over 2500 pts (before bonuses), it is recommended to use the Apocalypse-rulebook instead of the normal Warhammer 40k, which is limited to one Force Organisation Chart. Note that the Apocalypse Rules gives access to other types of units, such as Fliers.

  • The loses made during a mission is drawn from the army total size. This represents dying soldiers, monsters ripped to pieces and vehicles destroyed beyond repair.
  • Should a unique character (see below) become casualty during a mission the controlling player rolls a D6 in the aftermath. A result of 2-6 means that the character has survived his injuries and can fight again. A roll of 1 however indicates that the character actually was killed and cannot return. That character is lost!
  • Vehicles are only lost should they suffer a damage result of Explode. If this happens their point value is removed from the army total. Vehicles immobilised or otherwise incapacitated are covered in the Recovery & Plundering section below.
  • Other types of troops (infantry, jump infantry, monstrous creatures, cavalry, beasts and so on) that are removed as casualties remove 25% of their value from the army total size. This represents soldiers killed and not only incapacitated. Note that these losses are counted on a miniature basis and only models removed as casualties are counted. Miniatures that have fled over the table edge does not count!
  • In a player versus player mission a player can choose to retreat over his deployment edge with one or more units he does not want to lose. In mission they count as having fled of the edge, but it does not count as loses in the total army.

  • Each player begins the campaign with 10 000 points. During each mission a player is allowed to field up to his total army sum. The total army point will vary during game play by loses and conquering of tiles. At the end of each round, after players have declared their attacks and movement, all missions have been played and loses have been drawn from the pool you calculate the amount of new points given to each player.
  • For every tile owned by a single player and belonging to the same area as the Command Center that player receives +10 pts (+20 for Manufacturum and +30 for Hive Cities). This represents reinforcements, newly built tanks and supplies, growth of monsters and so on.
  • For every tile owned by a single player that does not belong to the same coherent area as that players Command Center you receive half the points per round (+5, +10, +15). Note that if you lose your Command Center the income from ALL tiles are halved.

    Unique Characters:
  • Many armies contain unique characters. After new points have been awarded (including those given out at campaign start) a player can choose to by a unique character to his army. You then withdraw that sum from the total army point, and from that point on the character explicitly represents his or her point cost.
  • A unique character is a character marked as unique in the army codex (usually special characters) or a Independent Character of HQ-FOC type given a fixed equipment/configuration, a history and a name.
  • Should a unique character have been bought by one army it may not be bought by any other army again (including the one that first bought it). Should this character die (see Losses) it leaves the campaign permanently.
  • At any mission a player may choose to use his unique character which then represents the points it was originally bought for (as usual when playing Warhammer 40k).

    Loss of a Command Center:
  • If a player where to lose the tile where he has his Command Center placed it has been taken from him. The only way to regain ones Command Center is to recapture that tile. If you succeed with this the Command Center is returned to your ownership.
  • Please note that taking someone's Command Center should be hard, which should be represented in the mission played (example Stronghold or Bunker Assault).

    Recovery and Plundering:
  • If a player gets one or more vehicles immobilised or wrecked and then losses the mission he has no chance to regain these vehicles and repair them. These vehicles then remain as a static resource on the tile they where lost. Their combined value is drawn from the owning players total army size. This value is then noted on the tile where the vehicles are placed.
  • To regain this sum of points and eventually unique vehicles the owning army must reconquer the tile where they are placed. Should he succeed with this they return to his total army size.
  • Note that vehicles you are trying to recover cannot participate in the mission to regain them!

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Leaders other Unique Characters.

Participating Armies
Blood Angels Successors - Brethren of the Phoenix - Red - played by xenobiotic

Leader: Brother-Captain Vespillo (counts as Tycho) -- 175 pts

Second: Reclusiarch Chaplain Sabinus (generic Reclusiarch with fixed equipment) -- 140 pts - Missing in Action
Hand Flamer

Imperial Guard - Grey - played by Viryn
Leader: Lord Heinz Guderian (counts as Creed) -- 90 pts​
Accompanied by Command Squad with 4 x Plasma Gun and Carpace Armour​

Colour Sergeant Ernst Volckheim (counts as Kell) -- 85 pts​

Erich von Manstein (Company Commander) -- non-fixed pts​
Accompanied by Command Squad with 4 x Plasma Gun​
Ork Freebooters - Green - played by Erinyi

Leader: "Da Trippletz"
Big Mek 'Snagarunt Badteef' (Big Mek with fixed equipment) -- 105 pts
Kustum Force Field
Big Mek 'Grotgut Skabfang' (Big Mek with fixed equipment) -- 85 pts
Kustum Force Field​

Big Mek 'Skargor Urtystomp' (Big Mek with fixed equipment) -- 98 pts
Shokk Attack Gun
Ammo Runt​

Second: Melk "Brav'art" Gitson (Counts as Mad Dok Grotsnik) -- 160 pts

"Deff Whispra' (counts-as Boss Snikrot) -- 85 pts - Missing in Action
Tau Empire - Biege - played by K'man

Leader: Commander Be'gel'mont'yr'shas'O (Shas'O with fixed equipment) -- 155 pts - Killed in Action

Airbursting fragmentation projector
Cyclic ion blaster
Vectored retro-thrusters
Stimulant injector
Hard-wired multi-tracker
Hard-wired drone controller
2x Gun Drones

Tyranids - Purple - played by icrexion

Leader: Hive Tyrant Telzcat'lipeecha (Generic Hive Tyrant with fixed equipment) -- 250 pts
Armoured Shell
Twin-linked Devourers with Brainleech worms
Heavy Venom Cannon
Armoured Shell
More details will be added as campaign continues.

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Map setup:
Map was set up by involved players to represent an area around 2 hive cities, a crucial enough strategic position to fight over. The dense numbers of starports would make it ideal to gain control over as soon as possible.

Tiles are unpainted for now but will be painted as campaign goes on (and these pictures will probably be replaced as time goes by).

Deployment setup:

Red - B1
Grey - F2
Green - G5
Biege - E2
Purple - C1

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Turn 1: The Battle Begins.

Turn 1 Movement Map:

Turn 1 Result Map:

Turn 1 Battle Results:
Red vs Neutral (Orks) - Loss (Wipeout)
Grey vs Neutral - Win
Green vs Neutral - Loss
Biege vs Neutral (BA) - Loss
Purple - Loss (Pass)

Turn Statistics:
Army Sizes(*):
Red: 9902 pts
Grey: 9895 pts
Green: 9969 pts
Biege: 9980 pts
Purple: 9930 pts

Concluding round one.
*Not including costs for unique characters covered in this post.

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Turn 2: The Battles Continues.

Turn 2 Movement Map:

Turn 2 Results Map:

Turn 2 Battle Results:
Red vs Purple - Red Win - Sieze Ground
Grey vs Biege - Draw - Prepared Assault
Green vs Neutral - Draw - Sieze Ground
Biege vs Neutral - Win

Turn Statistics:
Army Sizes(*):
Red: 9730 pts - Chaplain Sabinus K.I.A
Grey: 9618 pts
Green: 9939 pts
Biege: 9780 pts - Commander Be'gel'mont'yr'shas'O K.I.A
Purple: 9785 pts

Concluding round two.
*Not including costs for unique characters covered in this post.

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Turn 3: "The Shoop-ie-doo"

Turn 3 Movement Map:

Here's the move actions from the beginning of turn 3, new to this round was the movement of 4 Mobile HQs (hence the marking of all HQ buildings from now on, hopefully the HQ symbols are self explanatory).

All games this round will be played vs neutral forces.

Turn 3 Results Map:

If you're wondering about that odd little symbol in the E3 tile it represents the 174 pts of wreckage that IG have in that tile (and can get back should they win the tile).

Turn 3 Battle Results:
Red vs Neutral (Nids) - 650 vs 500 - Red Win - Annihilation - Pitched Battle
Grey vs Neutral (Nids) - 600 vs 500 - Grey Win - Sieze Ground - Spearhead
Green vs Neutral (Blood Angels) - 650 vs 500 - Draw - Sieze Ground - Spearhead
Biege vs Neutral (IG) - 600 vs 500 - Draw - Sieze Ground - Pitched Battle
Purple vs Neutral (IG) - 600 vs 500 - Draw - Capture and Control - Pitched Battle
Army Sizes(*):
Red: 9556 pts
Grey: 9640 pts
Green: 9949 pts
Biege: 9686 pts
Purple: 9684 pts

Concluding round three.
*Not including costs for unique characters covered in this post.

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This is pretty much the coolest campaign I've ever seen. I'd love to read a bit of blow-by-blow action (not for every game played of course, as that'd be a way too much work). For example, maybe give us some details on what went down in one game between two campaign players per turn or something. Full-blown battle reports aren't necessary, though naturally they'd be much appreciated. :grin:

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Hi Katie,

I was intending to do exactly that with the very first player vs. player match of this campaign; IG vs. T'au

However, we were both quite tired, the board we happen to use was the least beautiful we used and the IG was dull enough to put up an unpainted tank (*mumbling*).

I do have the pictures, but I do feel that that very game was so visually worthless and sub our standard I would rather not post them.

(I would rather not had let him put up that unpainted piece (as that is actually against our rules!), and would certainly had preferred a more visually appealing board, but we were both stressed about getting the game down and had to use what we got on the spot...)

Hopefully there will be better games to be posted. In particular Erinyi is a good action writer.

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So far i'm the only one even bothering with getting us some terrain and a board to play on so you letting me play with a transport that was not finished is really not worth whining about.

Would be awesome if someone besides me would invest some time/money and effort into the terrain. Its not always possible to play at the Local game-store.

There will be plenty of games to record and write about, with or without pictures.


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Turn 4 - As the Perpetual Darkness Descends

Turn 4 Movement Map: (updates have been made to Turn 3 click here to view post)

Turn 4 Battle Results:
Red vs Neutral (Nids) - 700 vs 500 - Draw - Annihilation - Dawn of War
Grey vs Neutral (Nids) - 650 vs 500 - Win - Capture and Control - Pitched Battle
Green vs Neutral (Nids) - 700 vs 500 - Win (wipeout) - Capture and Control - Pitched Battle
Biege vs Neutral (IG) - 650 vs 500 - Win - Sieze Ground - Spearhead
Purple vs Red - 800 vs 750 - Red Win - Sieze Ground - Pitched Battle

Turn Statistics:
Army Sizes(*):
Red: 9576 pts
Grey: 9685 pts
Green: 9954 pts
Biege: 9589 pts
Purple: 9590 pts

Concluding round four.
*Not including costs for unique characters covered in this post.

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I have to pity the insects, they are trapped pretty much while Red expands along the far left boarder, the optimistic Tau speed streight down the center, flanked on all sides by IG, Blood Angels, Insects and Orks.

All the while, Imperial Guard and Orks are free to pretty much gain easy ground while holding off the oppressors. Orks don't even have anyone adjecent, I love how ironically everyone more or less came down next to eachother. Frantically expanding southwards to gain easy land while fighting eachother. Pure meatgrinder. Hehehe

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That's probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. Where did you get hose tiles? You didn't make them cuz they're clearly plastic.
They are from the planetary empire set, we are in the process of painting up terrain and sometime in the future we'll get around to actually painting the tiles and then I'll do a re-haul of the images as well.
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