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I really like this list. It is something I've wondered about doing myself, but came to the conclusion that Scars just do bikes better and (as my mind tends to do) wandered down a different route.

Completely agree that Wolf guard on bikes are just superior to the Swiftclaws in pretty much every way. Only things that Swiftclaws have over the Wolf guard are special weapons and rage, but that isn't a big deal at all.

Having said that, I'd be tempted to exchange one unit for two units of Swiftclaws with a multi-melta attack bike. Haven't got access to my book at the moment so can't say whether you'd get a straight swap but think it would be pretty close. Could even stick a rune priest with one or both with prescience. Gives you a little more flexibility and a lot harder to bring down than a unit of land speeders. Don't get me wrong, landspeeders are very useful, but they are pretty much made of tissue paper!

I've been able to try out the Wyrdstorm brotherhood last weekend (was at a tournament so got to trial it over 5 games). Cannot express how much I love that Living storm power. It is beautiful, with high enough strength to glance all but the most heavy armour and to wound most infantry. Ap- is a little sad, but to be perfectly honest I think any ap would have made this ridiculous.

A couple of things I would say about it from personal experience.
Firstly, a large number of warp charges is essential. It is Warp 3, and I found even being able to cast it on 3+ I only got the power off 50% of the time throwing 6 dice at it. If you can squeeze some more life out of your list to either boost some priests to ML2 or get some more priests into the list you would not be disappointed. If you can't (I'd struggle to do so looking at your list, too much tampering and I think it either loses the theme or would encounter too many problems), I'd say don't expect to get many other powers off if you decide to cast it! Prescience is costly to start with, so it might be worth focusing more on low charge powers or just cast force when you near the charge.

Secondly, get the helm of durfast on one of your priests. You will not be disappointed. With re-rolls to hit and ignores cover, you can seriously put the hurt on skimmers and bikers without breaking a sweat. Goodbye re-rollable 2+ cover saves. The ravenwing player I faced nearly had a heart attack when I rolled 17 wounds and he couldn't get his dirty jink save.

The list itself is pretty damn nice, think you have an answer to most things at that points level. I'd agree with adding a stormwolf at 1850pts just to give you a bit of anti-air. Quick question though, are the axes power axes or frost axes? Also, although it isn't stated I always thought weapon relics replaced an item of wargear, so you wouldn't have your pistol on your battle leader. Not that it matters anyway, you can't get your bonus attack for two melee weapons as you have a storm shield.

I can see Xabre's point of view about using the firehowlers. Re-rolling charge distances is huge for an assault army of any description. Rolling a 10 for a charge also gives you furious charge which is an awesome, if incredibly unreliable.

However, the issue is that the wolf claw strike force requires a core AND auxiliary. Sadly the Wyrdstorm brotherhood is a command choice so you would need to take something else. The closet things I could match up to this list are a stormwolf, 2 units of wulfen or 2 units of fenrisian wolves. You're downgrading your wolf guard and losing WS5 but gaining a couple of interesting rules and counter charge. Your call.
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