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Let me start by saying... i don't play much wolves.

However... have you gotten to look at Curse, or the new Wulfen Edition for SW?

You might want to consider the WolfClaw Strike Force. It's their version of the Decurion, the Gladius, the Lion's Blade... The Super-Formation that all armies are getting now.

Here's what you could run:

FireHowlers (Core Choice):

Wolf Lord or WGBL on Bike, kitted out however.
1 unit of WG on bikes.
2-4 units of Swiftclaws
2-4 units of Landspeeders

Assorted other bleh that's totally optional.

If you then add the Wyrdstorm as you had them, you have a Wolf's Claw Strike Force, and everything gets CounterAttack.

If you double up and use two FireHowlers, (one with a Wolf Lord, the other with a WGBL), then everyone in both has Fear and Furious Charge.

Edit: I did see that you said you'd rather use CoTGW for the +1 WS bonus. Which makes sense. I jsut figured that the versatility of the FireHowlers might be nice. Better to get into combat with charge bonuses then have better WS and not be in combat.
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