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Looking to build a list for a tournament to be played on 4' x 4'

1750 Pts - Grey Knights Roster

Total Roster Cost: 1750

Set up on Table
Inquisitor Coteaz
Grey Knight Strike Squad w 2 Psycannon
Grey Knight Interceptor Squad w 2 Incinerator
Dreadnought,Psybolt 2 x Twin-Linked Autocannon
1 Nemesis Dreadknight, Personal Teleporter + Gatling Psilencer + Heavy Incinerator

1 Grey Knight Strike Squad, 2 x Psycannon
1 Stormraven Gunship, Psybolt Ammunition + Hurricane Bolters + TL Multi Melta + TL Assault Cannon

IG Allies, set up on the table

Company Command Squad
Sniper Rifle x2 10 +
Hvy Wep Team w/Autocannon

2 x Veteran Squad (20#, 180 pts)
Vox Caster + Sniper Rifle x1
Veteran Heavy Weapon Team w/ Autocannon

The idea is that the IG form the Firebase while the GK's carry the fight to the enemy.

Thoughts ?

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I've been playing GK+IG exclusively sine 6E dropped, and I've come to the conclusion that you can't afford to be defensive with the Guard component. This is especially true on a 4'x4' table, where there is less room for you to hide.

I've found blobs being really lacklustre, so good work on picking Veterans. However, I would give these guys heavy weapon teams, instead I'd make them special weapon teams (triple plasma/melta/flamer, etc).

The CCS should have 4 plasma guns as well. They're just so great with orders.

There is absolutely no reason to not have a Vendetta and Manticore. They fill basically every hole in the GK book, so if you aren't taking them, then you should consider taking IG.

For the Guard Component, I'd run something like:

CCS with 4 Plasma Guns, Chimera

Veteran Squad with 3 Plasma Guns, Chimera
Veteran Squad with 3 Flamers



In order to include this, you'll probably have to drop the Dreadknight.

The interceptors are also really ordinary, I think I'd drop them for more GKSS (or if you needed more points to make the IG work). I'd also look to put some DCA in that Stormraven.

EDIT: I feel I should go through how that IG detachment should work:

Basically, the CCS forms a tag-team with the Plasmavets; the two units work in tandem, with the CCS ordering both the veterans and themselves to either make the units they target reroll cover or gain twinlinked against MCs/vehicles.

The flamervets obviously go in the Vendetta. You may want to consider giving them Demolitions if you have the points spare (I do in my current list, but it's hardly necessary).

Manticore hangs out back and makes pretty much anything die.
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