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Hello everyone! Here's a little bit of me and my background and other... stuff but anyway,

Name/ Handle: Why would I reveal my true identity? and my handle/online name is Mjolnir

Nationality: AUSSIE!

Age: beyond that of mere mortal comprehension... (why would i reveal it?)

Occupation: Student

Games Played/ How long: Just starting to get into 40k, started getting into it last year in March

Armies: Tyranids

Other Interests: SCUBA diving, snorkelling, karate and CAKE!

Favorite Colors: Either cyan or cobalt

Favorite Movie: Most likely to be Expendable 2 or the Dark Night Rises

Favorite Bands: Guns 'N' Roses, Santana, Joe Satriani, etc.

Quote: "An fast enemy with ferocity and stealth can take down even the largest, most powerful foes before they knew what happened, provided that they are not as fast or ferocious."

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With a username like that I was convinced I would read the words Space Wolves in here somewhere.

Nids was a total surprise.
Do you have any pictures of your minis?

Welcome to the forums Mjolnir hope you enjoy your time on the boards.

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Welcome aboard the Heresy! :so_happy:
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