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I'm coming back to 40k and decided to do Imps. The artwork for Tyrok fields has always captured my imagination so I'm going with the Cadian 7th - here is my expanded fluff, thoughts and comments would be welcome:

Here is a link to my army list: http://www.heresy-online.net/forums/showthread.php?p=1959986#post1959986

Cadian 7th ‘Lucky Seven’ – 3rd Company ‘Belmont’s Butchers’​


Following the events of Tyrok Fields the Cadian 7th was decimated. Colonel Emerson, the commanding officer of the 7th, had a difficult decision to make regarding the future of his regiment in the aftermath of Tyrok fields. Fully half of the Lucky Sevens numbers were dead, with many more injured. Instead of leading his regiment to the immediate defence of Cadia, as his orders had previously been, he requested to the newly promoted Lord Castellan Creed that the remnants of the Cadian 472nd Armoured (also significantly depleted at Tyrok fields) be assigned under his command. This request was granted as functioning fighting units were required immediately to defend Cadia; there wasn’t time to replenish the 7th by the usual means. The remaining 472nd where distributed evenly between the 7th companies. This turned the 7th from a foot regiment into a hybrid force with tanks and artillery. The individual companies of the 7th were then dispatched to the various different conflict zones developing as the 13th Black Crusade began. The 7th haven’t fought as a whole regiment since Tyrok fields.

Captain Belmont, in command of the 3rd Company, was tasked with bringing glory to the 7th wherever the fighting was the thickest. The 3rd Company have gained a reputation for excessive brutality, earning the nickname ‘Belmont’s Butchers’. Some have likened the lack of mercy shown by the 3rd company to be reminiscent of the Volscani Cataphracts before they turned from the emperors light. Whether this is rumour or has more substance to it, the Commissariat have taken to watching the 3rd company more closely than usual. So long as the 3rd company’s pitiless tendencies are reserved for the emperor’s foes the Commissariat are content to allow them to live to exact the emperor’s judgement.

To this day the scattered companies of the 7th battle the foes of the emperor, safe in the knowledge that none can stand against the Imperium indefinitely and all will eventually be crushed.

Notable Members of the 3rd Company​

Captain Belmont – Belmont is a soldier’s commander. Born into one of the royal houses of Cadia, Belmont was always destined for leadership in the guard. Whilst training Belmont showed tremendous skill in command, succeeding where others would fail. Whenever the 3rd company go to battle the deep bellowed orders from Belmont can be heard directing the men. Without Belmont the 3rd company would have been wiped out long ago, for he leads by example and would lay down his life for his men if need be. After fighting the unrelenting horrors of the warp Belmont has become more brooding and cruel to his conquered foes. If this is a sign of something to come none are sure.

Colour Sargent Hicks – During the Battle for Tyrok Fields several men carried the standard of the Cadian 7th during the final charge at the Volscani Cataphract’s line. As one man fell with the flag another stepped up and grabbed the flag before it touched the ground. Hicks was the final soldier to carry the standard as the charge hit the Volscani Cataphract’s line. In recognition of his bravery and devotion to the emperor he was promoted from the rank of private to colour sergeant and attached to Captain Belmont’s command squad.

Lieutenant Rayner – An ambitious young commander, Rayner gained his commission for masterminding a series of brutal ambushes against the cultists on the world of Xersia whilst commanding his squad of veterans nicknamed ‘Rayners Ravagers’. Rayner is concerned that the 3rd company seem to be increasingly driven more by bloodlust than serving the emperor as time goes by.

Knight Commander Soloman – Originally of the 472nd Soloman has become a hero to the men of the 7th. Countless times have marauding enemy armoured assaults be brought to a smouldering halt due to the marksmanship of Soloman and his Leman Russ squadron. Soloman is personally responsible for over 24 confirmed armour kills making him the best tank ace in the entire 7th.

Commissar Luyben – Luyben is considered to be particularly dogmatic, even amongst the ranks of the commissariat. Luyben’s unshakeable faith in the emperor and liberal use of his bolt pistol has turned many a faltering gun line into a wall death for the emperor’s enemies. Legend has it Luyben singlehandedly slayed a World Eaters Chaos Lord with only his trusty bolt pistol and ornate sword.

Primaris Psyker Zeigler – Not much is known about Zeigler. Most of the company have a begrudging respect for him due to his actions saving many of the 7th during the Battle of Tyrok Fields by destroying a Volscani Leman Russ. Despite this the deep seated mistrust and fear surrounding psykers that most Cadian men possess isn’t easily shaken.

Veteran Sargent Pax – Pax is an unstable man, having completely accepted his death as already inevitable. He has decided to martyr himself for the emperor whilst taking as many of the enemy with him as possible. This leads him to volunteer for the most suicidal missions. Despite this he is yet to die, even if many of his men have due to his lack of self-preservation.

Veteran Sargent Edgar – A brute of a man, Edgar is not a native Cadian. Found in the ruins of Xersia by Rayners Ravagers, Edgar was adopted in the 7th. Edgar quickly became a formidable warrior and was promoted to lead Rayners Ravagers upon the Rayner’s promotion. Resentful that his squad is still referred to as Rayners Ravagers despite Rayner’s promotion, Edgar has resounded to carve out his own glory and gain a new moniker. The corpse strewn fields left behind Edgar and his men are testament to this.

Sargent Doyle – Strict, by the book; Doyle is not the most imaginative squad leader. Doyle’s squad is best left to simple tasks such as fire support.

Sargent Nichols – Nichols has been wounded numerous times, including being technically dead twice. Due to this the men believe the emperor, or some other god, has decided he is destined for some greatness, but no one knows for what.

Sargent McGraw – McGraw has been in the 7th longer than any other man. He is a great source of comic, and some may say sadistic, amusement to the men due to his dark humour and has become a valuable advisor to Captain Belmont.

Sargent Wiley – The youngest Sargent in 7th at the age of 20. Many believe his promotion to Sargent to be a result of favouritism from Belmont despite many believing he is an incompetent soldier. Wiley severely damaged his arm when practising grenade drills as a whiteshield on Cadia.

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That's some great fluff you got here. And a cool regiment that already has a snippet of flavor but I think you've expanded on it pretty well.

I'm building up a Cadian 8th force based off the Battle of Tyrok Fields artwork - I love that picture. I'm writing a short piece of based around several participants in the battle.
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