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Cadian 443rd Infantry Regiment: (WIP Thread?)

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Well finally I got some pictures uploaded. I will try as systematically upload and broadcast them in this thread. :grin: Opinions are welcome but can say already now 1) Yes they arent perfect but isnt much I can do 2) I did my best 3) Just like cameras add several pounds, this seems to add (point out) the flaws with my models twice as much in comparison to the IRL stuff.

Currently up to 46% for the HQ part on photobucket so be patient. :victory:

Edited: Pictures are up right now and more are coming. BTW this is only 4th infantry company and 12th armored company so you know. I dont got the exact points but there is 4 platoons (2-3 squad in each + platoon command, 3 heavy weapons squads), 5 tanks, 4 Sentinels and more.

The history of the 443rd Intantry Regiment. (Its fluff)



Company command squad; Captain with laspistol and chainsword, standardsbearer with chainsword, veteran with meltagun and medic.

Special character: Commissar Yarrick.

Regimental Advisors; Master of Ordnance, Astropath, Officer of the fleet and 2 lifeguards.


1 Kasrkin squad; 10-man squad, 1 Sergeant, 1 with flamer and 1 with grenade-launcher.

1 storm-trooper squad; 6-man squad, 1 Sergeant and 1 with flamer.
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hey man the base coats are great!! It's as simple as adding a wash over the fabric to create some depth to the models.
Why thank you! :) Yeah I've noticed that myself, become better with using the washes on later models (these are among the first ones I got since I started collecting the Guard). :victory:

Here you got my Regimental Advisors (some of the latest Ive got):

This one is known as Fleet General Jacob Mab Mallbrandt:

Back: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/HQRegimentalAdvisorOfficeroftheFlee.jpg

This one is Dread Omar [deceased - 019.M.42].

Back: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/HQRegimentalAdvisorAstropathBack.jpg

This is Vedsky Fulbot, Master of Ordinance:

Back: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/HQRegimentalAdvisorMasterofOrdinanc.jpg

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Nice highlighting on the fleet commander!
Sweet HQ mate, keep it up.
Why thank you :) will add more pictures today! My network have been bitching for 2 days now and havent been able to come online. :angry:

nice work. Love the robes on the astropath. Do you have any standard troopers or are you working from the top of the force down?
Thank you, yeah I started out with goblin green and lazy enough just took some green washes over it. Pretty nice and simple work there. All pictures have been taken, they only have to be uploaded. The soldiers will come shortly today hopefully. :victory:

How did you do the bodyguard's helmets?
Well they are heads you get from buying the Valkyrie package, they are supposed to be the gunners weilding the heavy bolters on the sides. :)

This is the old Commissar Yarrick model which i strip-painted of the old thing and redid the whole thing. Fluff-wise (I got stories on the way about this regiment), this is Commissar Goorg [deceased 019.M.42].

Back: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/HQCommissarYarrickBack.jpg

First platoon whole:

1st platoon command squad. The Lieutenant (commander) is called Redrick Sark. Fluffvise there is supposed to be a woman called Katelyn Vever as well:

Back: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/1stPlatoonCommandSquadFullBack.jpg

Heavy weapon squads attached to 1st platoon:

1st squad upclose: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/1stPlatoonHeavyWeapons1.jpg
2nd squad upclose: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/1stPlatoonHeavyWeapons2.jpg
3rd squad upclose: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/1stPlatoonHeavyWeapons3.jpg

Commander: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/1stPlatoonCommandLieutenantSark1.jpg
Back: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/1stPlatoonCommandLieutenantSark2.jpg

Veteran-Trooper 1 front: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/1stPlatoonCommandSquadSpecial-Weapo.jpg
Back: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/1stPlatoonCommandSquadSpecial-We-1.jpg

Veteran-Trooper 2: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/1stPlatoonCommandSquadVeteran-Troop.jpg
Back: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/1stPlatoonCommandSquadVeteran-Tr-1.jpg

Standard-bearer: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/1stPlatoonCommandSquadStandardBeare.jpg
Back: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/1stPlatoonCommandSquadStandardBe-1.jpg

Vox-Trooper: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/1stPlatoonCommandSquadVox-Trooper1.jpg
Back: http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q4/forkmasters/CmdrOshask/1stPlatoonCommandSquadVox-Trooper2.jpg
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I love the kasrkin models as they are. And your paint work does them justice. Keep up the great work mate.
Yeah I love the results too. To be honest I dont like the camoflauge GW did and its way too much for me to do. Thanks for the reply. :) I'll try and continue with 1st platoon this evening.
It's ok, love looking at other peoples Guard armies. Wish I'd done a project log myself. :eek:k:
Same here! :grin: Also like Chaos armies (even though they are my biggest enemy). Thanks for the rep! and whats stopping you from doing one yourself?
Very cool log so far, looking good.

Two things however: 1) post all the images, not just one of each model and a link. If you have 4 images of one model than by all means post all four. 2) I am moving this to the Project Log area as that is really where this thread belongs.
Oh Ive only taken like two images of each model! So I figured so it would be too many images up and running on each page and it may cause lagg for people with less good connection. So I thought, post one whole picture of a modell then only links from different views which people could follow up by themselves. but if I should stop with the links then I will. :eek:k: Oh ok, sure Im still kinda new to this site and wasnt entirely sure where to put the thread.
Updating, more from 1st platoon. This is squad 144. Fluffvise there's no special characters here. They got a sniper for special weapons and rocket launcher team on foot for heavy weapons choice.

And the squad 317 of 1st platoon. They got plasma-gunner and in the 4th picture from the bottom youll see a guy with some metal lens covering his right eye (from the command pack).

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Hmm I think I might start a log myself, Ive recently started painting up my guard army so it should be a perfect time to start
And awesome paint jobs, I especially like the regimental advisers
You have my full support to start a log! :victory: I would gladly check it out and maybe steal some ideas. ;) Thanks you, Im particularly proud over them myself. ^^
Here comes 2nd platoon! Fluffvise there's no characters named as of yet. To be honest the models in this platoon are among the earliest I bought (some as old as 4-5 years, when I wasnt the best painter). Some are cool but 606 squad is a high disappointment.

Platoon command squad:

Squad 501, Ive tried to make the sleves and shoulder thingys on the uniforms in different colors depending on what rank they are. Blue is among the lowest:

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army looks like it's coming together nicely, sir.
Indeed they do! thank you. :victory:

I like it, everything looks good. Though one thing that strikes me is the wash. On the cloth and faces, it looks like chesnut ink and just stands out a bit much, I would try highlighting more if you like washes then mix them with water, cause its just too dark I think. Otherwise its looking pretty good.
Yeah a few of the models (or kinda majority of them) are painted pre-washes period, so they will be like you said, standing out a bit too much. I'll keep it in mind for future models however. :)
Continuing with the last 3 squads of 2nd platoon, beginning with squad 541:

Heres comes the cursed squad 609, the Sergeant (which is a officers model but I consider him just a Sergeant) is pretty much the only thing Im saticefied about since I strip-painted him and repainted him over again.

These 5 are fill-outs from a starter-package consisting of 5 Guardsmen. You can individualize them as they come in one way. All you can do is glue them to the base and their weapons.

And last the heavy weapons attached to 2nd platoon, coming in with mortars. Those Im actually proud of.

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Its really not that difficult. I just give skin a basecoat of brown, usually bestial brown, then dwarf flesh over that, and drybrush of elf flesh. And for my paler men I use brown, then kahaki over that then a drybrush mix of kahaki and skull white. Also the sepia foundation wash is really good mixed with some water.

Now eyes are a real bugger, I either get a good black pupil, or I either cock it up or give them 2 lazy eyes XD
Oh I dont even try to make eyes anymore! I did when I was younger, but it they looked really weird then. So I thought "hey screw that. I'll make them without eyes."
This is a nicely painted army. I bet it looks good lined up all ready to get shot up and dish it out a bit. I really like the face on your master of ordnance. The gold trim on your dudes is done really well too.
Thank you, Ill make the last pcitures of the entire army all together later! I like your Traitor Guard as well, was in here to check on the Blood Pact! :)

hahaha yeah you really need a steady hand for eyes, that or a magnifing glass. I dont know how some people can do an eye, iris and pupil perfectly!
Indeed, people that can do that are crazy with the hands! Me neither cant believe it. :shok:
Here comes the start of 3rd platoon, fluffvise the platoon leader is Sergeant Jagat, one of the few Sergeants to lead a platoon and as a person hes supposed to be a ruthless bastard (however the model doesnt picture that well enough Im afraid).

Here you can see him up close with his power fist. His Vox-trooper is called Carrvil, whose also his adjutant. The standard-bearer is called Artemus Phoebus.

First squad is 190, no known people by name there.

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This is squad 265, lead by Corporal Donnie Teffer. He's as ruthless as Jagat and one of his more personal closer friends in 3rd platoon:

Squad 450 doesnt have any named characters:

3rd platoons heavy weapons:

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