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Lucian stood with his Praetorian and Griffin Riders as the shuttle made its way slowly to a halt on the embarkation deck. His face was as ever impassive more so since the debacle with the Dark Angels a few months ago.

Now he was here at the request of the XIII Legion Astartes. For what reason he did not know only that the order had not come just from this Legion but the Emperor himself.

The Praetorian looked resplendent in their gleaming red and gold plate, their ceremonial helms tall and proud on their heads, their shields across their chests. The Griffon Riders stood smartly in two rows opposite each other their Gold Terminator armour highly polished.

As the Shuttle came to a halt the door opened and a squad of Terminators in dark blue armour made their way down the ramp followed by two Captains. They stood to one side of the ramp and were followed by a giant in blue.

He paused and took a look around him taking in the deck where work crews suddenly fell to their knees and kept themselves abased less they end up weeping wrecks for the giant that was among them now was beloved by most who met him.

Lucian went over what he knew of the man that was standing before him and neither moved.

He was raised on the planet of Macragge and was found by a man named Konor at the foot of a great waterfall that was named Hera’s fall. He was named Roboute Gulliman and this was the man that would become the father of the Ultramarines and not just of one world or system like Lucian was but also of a small interstellar empire.

If Lion El Jonson was a strategist then Gulliman was the perfect Tactician and he had heard enough about this man to know that he was one of the Emperors closest sons.

He was a handsome man. His blonde hair was close cropped to his head and his features patrician and noble.

In his blue eyes sparkled not only the immortality of all Primarchs but a wisdom that belied his age.

Lucian swallowed his trepidation. This brother was known to be fair and play his hands openly and not hide behind secrets.

In fact the Ultramarines were known to be staunchly adherent to their Primarchs battle doctrines and never deviated from that order. These stringent rules to their codex earnt them a reputation, as nothing more then robots slave to their fathers will.

However that aside and whether it was true or not Lucian did not know what he did know was that when the Ultramarines took a world or a system in the name of the Emperor they left it a civilised and loyal world to the will of the Emperor.

The only other Legion that could lay claim to that feat was the Lunar Wolves and there was talk of some rivalry between the two Legions because of it.
Gulliman made his way towards his brother and Lucian did likewise meeting halfway.

“I wish we could have met under better circumstances brother” Roboute apologised “However when the Emperor asked me to meet with you I could not pass up the opportunity of meeting the one who taught the Lion that he is not infallible”

“Are you here to take me to task?” Lucian asked.

Roboute shook his head and rested his hands on Lucians shoulders “I am here to fight alongside my brother, I have no quarrel with you and I make no judgements based on what others have told me. It is good to finally meet you brother”

Anteaus eyed Lucius Mysander warily as the two Primarchs talked quietly between them. Mysander glanced over and made his way towards the first Captain.

“Have I offended you Sir?” He asked politely.

“My apologies Captain, just we are still a little raw after the Dark Angels visit”

“So I heard” Mysander nodded a little and then saw the First Captains quizzical expression “when two Primarchs come to blows it makes news round the fleets and when the Lion is defeated it defiantly makes news” Mysander inclined his head a little “Your master will discover that my master is nothing like that, My Lord Gulliman is an honourable man and a man of his word”

Despite his misgivings Anteaus found he warming to the Ultramarine and relaxed a little.

The other Praetorian joined him along with the Ultramarines Chapter Master Marius Gage Nikoli was asked to retell the tale of his companies war games with the Dark Angels and the group relaxed around each other.

Lucian glanced over at the quiet laughter and allowed himself a wry smile then returned his attention to his brother.

“I would like to see Macragge one day” He mused after listening to Roboute tells him about the beauty that was the system of Ultramar. “I believe your temple of corrections is indeed a marvellous sight.”

“I hear that Eden is a wondrous world that eclipses even mine” Roboute countered “Perhaps brother when this endeavour is over I will take a detour and take a look for myself if that is acceptable to you”

“My world is open to any who wish to see it my Chapter Master will endeavour to see to all your needs although I fear he may shit himself when he sees who his guest is going to be” Roboute laughed long and loud at the very thought. Lucian chuckled a little and shrugged. “Well maybe Leronas won’t but I am damn sure our novitiates will”

Roboute shook his head and his smile faded “Brother, our father beloved by all has asked that we join forces to drive the accursed Eldar from a world that is human by dint of conquest and whom the last communiqués suggest is shared by human and Eldar living together and mating together”

That brought silence to the room. The Praetorian and the Ultramarines shared disgusted glances with each other and Lucian was shocked to the core.

“I know the Eldar are skilled warriors although their star is fading but I have never known them to mate with any race outside their own or if it is a conquest thing. To believe that humans are willingly entering such arrangements is beyond belief” Lucian sat forward “how has this come to light?”

“Our father sent a small exploratory force into the system and discovered that there were humans there but was told of their intimate arrangements with the Eldar and when the force were returned with their heads neatly severed well that was when he asked for us and seeing as we are the closest two forces to this world and he thought it would be a good chance for us to learn about each others tactics”

Lucian got up and moved to his holo table. Roboute with him “So where is this world?”

“25 degrees spin ward which put her, here” Roboute pointed to the nearest star system “The world is called Nac’tar which I believe is Eldar for Harmony…”

The two Primarchs stopped what they were doing when Davinus opened the door to the strategum and looked quite pale.

“Davi is something wrong?” Lucian asked with concern.

Instead of answering the Space Marine moved onto one knee and to all in the room he looked like he had lost the ability to speak, the reason for his insensibility soon became clear as the figure, taller then even a Primarch came into the room with two of his giant Custodes.

All in the room instantly fell to one knee the two Primarchs included.

“My sons” The voice rumbled “Rise and let us prosecute this theatre together.”

The Emperor of mankind folded his arms across his massive chest and his gaze was stern and unflinching. He meant to make war on the Xenos and their human allies and reclaim what was by rights mans world not a Xenos world.

Largo and Konan was used to being in the Emperors presence and by that association they were also used to being in the presence of the Custodian Guard, as a squad always accompanied the Emperor wherever he went.

They were his personal bodyguard but their Praetorian brothers were not so used to being in such vaunted circles.

The last time they had seen the Emperor was when he had come to their home world in search of his son but, no matter how used they were to being in his presence, he still made them feel humble and he still had the power to rob them of their sensibilities.

Lucian knew very little of his father but he knew that he was ageless and he was truly immortal, but he still felt like the young pup when he was in the great mans presence and he kept his gaze averted.

He Emperor rested a hand on his broad shoulder “I have heard of what has transpired between you and the Lion”

“Are you here to punish me?”

He Emperor shook his head “No, why would I want to do that? The Lion is a prideful man, no pun intended and perhaps it is good that you have shown your mettle it is just I wish all my sons could get along without the need for arguments and fisticuffs.” He nodded a little “I am to blame I created warriors and warriors do like to try and out strut their fellow warriors.”

“You are not to blame” Roboute quietly spoke “It was an argument and whilst I do not always see eye to eye with Curze I am inclined to agree with him that the outcome was…. justified”

The Emperor turned to face his Ultramarine Son and smiled broadly. “Ever the diplomat Roboute”

“I try father”

The Emperor laughed and turned to Valdor “See Constantine, I said that Roboute should have been the one to meet Lucian first”

The giant Custodes bowed his head “I have not yet had the pleasure My Master”

The Emperor drew him forward and brought Lucian nearer “Lucian, this is the man that whilst you were an infant in the chambers where you were before you disappeared protected you and your brothers. This is Constantine Valdor the head of my Custodian Guard.”

The Commander of the Custodian Guard was even taller then a Space Marine and stronger but not quite as tall as a Primarch but then, the Leigo Custodes as they were otherwise known had walked beside the Emperor during the unification wars and the ways to create them differed to the ways that Space Marines were created.

Their weapons resembled great spears but it was a known fact that the spears were laser weapons and those weapons did the job they were built to do.

Unlike the Space Marines who live and fight as brothers needing the kinship that the fraternity of warriors seemed to gravitate, the Custodes had no such need for brotherhood ties and although they had a kinship in battle formations that was where the similarity ended for they remained individuals in all that they did their only shared bond was their duty to the Emperor.
Constantine bowed his head and saluted the Primarch

“My Lord Dragos it is a pleasure to meet you at long last.”

Lucian returned the salute and then shook the Custodes hand “A Terran custom I am told” He said.

“Now that is all done shall we get down to the planning” The Emperors voice became darker “I want the Xenos off this world and the humans that cavort with them taught a lesson on what it means to defy my laws on such matters. They will be illuminated.”

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The world of Harmony was indeed a paradise here was no hint of the pollution that human worlds seemed to become. Sweeping green vistas stretched for as far as the eye could see with verdant green forests that were a contrast of colours from dark forest green to autumnal reds and yellows with splashes of gold’s.

Lucian looked to the sky to see a beautiful azure coloured sky with clouds so white they looked like snow in the sky and he felt a deep longing for his homeworld as he looked upon it.

He knew why they would call a world like this a name as Harmony it seemed to fit like a well-made dress.

“Beautiful isn’t it” Roboute remarked “I saw the waterfalls of the mountains as I came in. so much like Hera’s Falls on my homeworld”

“As beautiful as it is brother by the time the Mechanicum have finished with it will not be.”

“You – do not trust them much?”

“Its not that I do not trust them, I just do not like the way they come upon a world and strip it bare with no thought for beauty”

Roboute nodded “the only beauty the Mechanicum see is what is in a machine, scenes like this hold no ascetic qualities for them”

They were joined by the Emperor who stood admiring the view with them then he turned his thoughts to business.

“Lucian I want your sons to attack from the mountains. They won’t be expecting that”

Lucian bowed his head and taking his leave walked off with his Praetorian. Roboute and his father watched as they made their way towards the mountainous peaks and seemed to disappear from sight.

“That is what pissed the Lion off” Roboute mused. “Is it sorcery?”

The Emperor shook his head “no its not sorcery from what I have been told their armour is able to camouflage them into whatever surroundings they are in. Lucian allowed the Mechanicum to access the secrets and it was found to be a STC in gratitude the armourers made their armour from that STC”

Roboute bowed his head “Time to move Father.”

The Emperor took a deep breath “I wish all worlds would accept compliance as easily as Eden and Macragge but alas it is not always so.” He whispered more to himself and with his Custodes joined the Ultramarines.

The Humans of the Unification City were taken completely by surprise when the Ultramarines and the Spartan Guard attacked but to their credit and the sneaking admiration of the Astartes they recovered quickly.

With their Eldar allies they kept the Marines at bay through sheer bloody-mindedness and tricks taught by the Eldar to them.

Captain Jarin of the Spartan Guards 6th Company and Captain Lesota of the Ultramarines 6th Company found that fighting side by side and in the heat of explosions blood and battle they were unconsciously forging a bond that would tie the two Leigons together.

Jarin knew that the wall had to be breached before any significant progress could be made and voxed his assault squad over. Sergeant Mateaus of the Ridge Flyers Assault squad moved to where his captain was crouched.


“Go with the Sanqest Assault Squad of the Ultramarines 6th and do what you can to take them bastards off the walls give me time to get the Titans up here”

“Yes Brother Captain”

Lesota ordered the same to his assault squad and Jarin called for the Vox officer of the Imperial Army, the Edonian First to send a message to the Titans to get up here and start pounding those walls. He also told the youth a woman no older then 20 to keep her head down.

“Incoming!” Sergeant Masera of Hellion Squad warned and the marines were once more caught in battle but this time they were fighting Eldar or at least what appeared to be Eldar on their accursed jet bikes.

Jarin heard a scream and turned to see the vox officer laying on the ground with a hole the size of a fist in her chest.

He snarled with rage and drew his chainsword and standing back to back with Lesota slaughtered the Eldar. Lesota removed the helm off one and stepped back in utter horror.
The face was slim like an Eldars and yet the features were distinctly human with slight differences, the eyes weren’t quite human but the ears whilst human were slightly higher set then normal humans.

He turned to his sergeant and yet could find no words to express his horror at the thought that a human and Eldar would enter such an arrangement. He made his way over to where Jarin was knelt by the vox officer.

He was struck by how respectful his fellow Captain was to a human life. He had fought alongside other legions that would have disregarded the life of the Imperial Army but Jarin was gentle with her. He closed her eyes and muttered something in his native language.

“You shall be carried home on a shield corporal and you shall be interned within the Monastery never to be forgotten, your parents will be honoured with the brave sacrifice their child has made. You have done me much honour this day little one”

He turned as the cheers of the Imperial Army reached his ears to see the mighty Titans of the Leigo Mortis and the Storm Lords striding across the battlefield.

Led by the Imperator Titan Deus Sanguine they fired into the city walls bringing them down piecemeal.

Lesota saw the dead bodies of his company lay side by side of those of the Spartan Guard and swore vengeance for his fallen brothers against the Xenos loving humans.

“Shall we go brother?”

Jarin got to his feet slowly and cast a disdainful look at the dead body lying at the feet of the giant warrior in Blue. He let his gaze fall upon the great white U that seemed to stylise all the Ultramarines and then looked to the wall.

Courage and honour, which was the war, cry of the Ultramarines that and their cry to their warlord. He replaced his helm and held his chainsword high in the air.

“Come home with your shield or on it” He roared and the brothers answered him in his company.

“Courage and honour!” Lesota roared and was answered by the brothers in his company

“For the Spartan” Jarin began to move

“For the Ultimate Warrior” Lesota moved along side him and together they spoke as one voice

“For the Emperor!”

Lucian, fighting with his first company cut down wave after wave of Eldar and hybrids his mind now only focused on one thing, getting to the city. He had heard the shout of his sixth company and with his own superhuman eyesight swelled with pride as he saw them, alongside the noble warriors of Ultramar cut a bloody swathe through the humans and their foul consorts like they were hot knives through butter.

He grabbed an Eldar off their screaming jet bike and held the masked creature to his face.

“You could have left us in peace mon-keigh” the Eldar rasped.

“We do not suffer the interbreeding of the pure human strain with foul Xenos no matter how worthy a warrior caste they might be” Lucian snarled and broke the creatures’ neck.

“For the glory of our dead!” Lucian roared and led his warriors to where his brother fought side by side with the Emperor.

Later stories would tell of how the sons of Ultramar and Eden were stirred to the very depths of their souls by the sight of the magnificent living giant that was the Emperor fighting between his demi-god like sons, their companies and the Custodes tearing into the enemy like all the wraths of ages coalesced into one moment of perfect war.

But the greatest story was told of the warriors of both 6th companies of the Warriors that fought that day.

By the time the warriors had reached the walls that had by now been pounded to rubble by the titans mighty cannons they were barely half strength but they used the rage they felt at their brothers deaths or serious wounding to fuel their aggression combat drugs flowed through them like rivers of pure rage and they were a sight to behold.

Of all the entire companies who fought such a noble war this would be remembered as the better of the two legions.

The assault squads were the first to fall as the Ultramarines and Spartan Guard 6th breached the walls and came into the city to be confronted by the ultimate in Eldar warriors.

A being encased in gold armour and easily taller then them. They stared in horror as the assault squads fell under the power of their farseers and the mighty Wraith guard avatar of Khorne, their war god who demanded all or nothing from his warriors.

Lesota and Jarin had a sinking feeling within them that unless they defeated this relentless foe then the day would not go well.

The day would end badly and all they had fought and sacrificed for would be for nothing. They looked around them at their battered and bloodied brothers and then each other the word was unspoken for it did not need to be spoken. They were created for war and they knew what had to be done.

For Lesota who had fought for over a century by the side of his Emperor and then his Primarch this would be the end to his glory days and for Jarin who was still only a pup as Astartes went this would take him into legend.

They did not even have to ask their brothers for all knew what they must do. As the last of the Assault warriors fell to burnt and shattered husks they let a roar go and charged.

Witnesses that day spoke of the bravery and sacrifice of the brothers of both companies as one by one they fell before the foul magicks of the Eldar witches and Farseers and if they were able to escape they were cut down by the mighty being that bayed for their blood.

It was both Captains who finally dealt the monster its deathblow. Both men were mortally wounded but with what little strength they had left they both charged with their reaming sons. Jarin plunged his chainsword into the centre of the beast and Lesota kept firing his blessed bolter at the head of the monster, the head and the heart of the beast.

The explosion of primal and ancient forces exploded from the Avatar and nothing within its radius survived.

Lucian, Roboute and the Emperor looked up, as the bright light from the Avatars death seemed to radiate all around them. They knew their sons were dead, it was something they felt inside and outside and Lucian roared his anger and cut into the enemies more.

Not one of them left any alive as they made their way to the City. The enemy were in retreat falling back towards the central plaza the streets littered with bodes of humans and Eldar alike.

There were wounded Astartes being tended to by the Apothecaries and there were the dead being tended to by the Apothecaries who were doing their grizzly task of extracting the gene seed so that the next generation of warriors could be raised.
Chaplains read the death rites over the fallen and encouraged their brothers to even greater heightened senses of carnage,

Lucian was joined by his High Chaplain who bowed his head

“Sixth Company has gone lord” He solemnly spoke “only a handful of warriors from both companies are left and they were the wounded that did not make the final battle.”

“Then lets make their deaths not vainful my son,” The Emperor darkly rumbled.

The High Chaplain bowed his head even lower pride filled him that the master of mankind had deigned to answer him.

The two Primarchs called in their sons and all made their way to the massive building that was the centre of the world’s government.

Revenge hungry warriors fighting behind their fathers and the master of all made the half-breeds and the Xenos pay.

It was Roboute who saw the Webway appear periodically and then vanish

“The Eldar are leaving my lord” He called over the din of cannon and missile fire.

“Cowards!” Lucian snarled, “I thought they were battle worthy but they are cowards!”

“Maybe so Lucian” The Emperor agreed “but the Eldar know they are not going to win this battle however do not mistake their retreat for cowardice we will hear of them plenty of times for this mark my words on it, they will not forget the fact we have taken what they consider to be one of their worlds.”

The warriors that had retreated to the central plaza finally gave up and lowered their weapons, their allies and patrons were gone, the death of the Avatar and his Farseers seemed to have made the Eldar decide to give this world up for dead.

The Two Primarchs left the prisoners in the hands of the Army and made their way with the Emperor to the main government building.

They were met with little resistance and word was coming in over the vox nets that planet wide the same was happening, the Eldar were retreating and the Humans were surrendering.

They had fought a worthy battle and Lucian had to admire their tenacity but in the end, faced with the might of the Imperial Army and the might of not one but two Legions and the Custodes not to mention the power of two Primarchs and the Master of Mankind, they had little choice but to offer their surrender.

The three giants strode to the centre of the hall where the rulers of this world all huddled in fear. Some hung their heads in defeat and others were crying into the shoulders of husbands or fathers.

“I am the Emperor of Mankind, your rightful master” The Emperor spoke quietly “and I have come to claim this world in the name of the expansion of man.”

“We do not want to be reunited with man” A woman who was not cowering held her chin up high and both Lucian and Roboute gained a sneaky admiration for her. “All you have done is prove that the Eldar were right all along about our race. We have no wish to be part of your great endeavour, leave this place and go about your business”

“Madam this is my business” The Emperor enforced and turned to the Two Primarchs “Have all the citizens rounded up. All the half breeds are to be taken from this place and executed I will not suffer such a strain on the human race to exist” Lucian bowed low.

“Yes my Emperor” He quietly spoke.

“Roboute have the Army garrison this world and with the Leigons are to search every dwelling and deal with any insurgents”

“Yes my lord”

The Emperor turned to the rulers of the world and stepped forward once more his mighty golden sword in his hand and it was obvious how many he had killed with the amount of blood that caked the blade.

“What you want and what you demand is irrelevant you have betrayed the human race by mating with Xenos enemies of my Imperium this world will be garrisoned and the pure human strain will be reintroduced and those who do not like it…. will suffer my wrath” He turned to his two sons “My sons here will see to it that you will comply and eventually you will see that my way is for the good of mankind, and you will see it by force if nessercary. I will unleash the legions to destroy your civilisations and rebuild them if I have to, you will not win”

Roboute watched the defiant woman suddenly sag her shoulders. Lucian felt sorry for her she had tried to defend her world and her way of life but her way of life was not the way that was set down by the Imperium many years ago, what had started as a series of wars that decimated holy Terra was now replaying its way across countless worlds and star systems.

Some like Eden, Colchis, Macragge and the other homeworlds of the Legions came willingly but others would not and the battles whilst just and right would be long and bloody but ultimately they would loose.

She never gave her name but before anyone could do anything she fell upon her own sword. Rather then live by the rules of the Emperor she had decided to take her own life a honourable suicide but a needless one.

The world named Harmony fell shortly after.

The Imperial Army from both expeditions and the Marines lined the roads as the Spartan Guard brought down their honoured dead Astartes and Army alike on shields the Spartan Guard Marines line the road the other side as the Ultramarines brought their honoured dead to the Ships that would convey them to their Homeworld and eternal rest until the Emperor called them once more.

Roboute led the Spartan Guard that carried their dead and Lucian let the Ultramarines that carried their dead in a poignant mark of respect between both brothers.

The Leigo Custodes bowed their heads as the dead were taken back aboard their ships and the Emperor made the sign of the Aquila and did not lower it until every body was aboard.

Lucian turned as his father and Brother entered the Chapel of the fallen. A beautifully rendered room that was in the process of chronicling the Spartan Guards victories and right now the Legion Artisans were rendering the battle for Harmony and in particular the sacrifice of the sixth companies of the Ultramarines and Spartan Guard.

Roboute stood looking at the honour his brothers’ legion did him and coughed a little,
He held out a folded banner, Lucian took it and at the encouragement from his father unfurled it to reveal the Spartan helm and shield entwined with the Ultramarines U, above it was stitched Courage and Honour, below it was stitched Come home with your shield or on it.

The number 6 was prominent and the Emperors laurel haloed the number.

“I have already told your new captain of the Sixth company to see to it that when they have their banner once more that my laurel is to go on there” The Emperor reverently said “Have you decided what you will do?”

“I will split 7th, 8th and 9th companies so that the new 6th will have seasoned warriors as well as raised scouts from all companies. However it will be many months before 6th company is back to full strength.”

The Emperor placed his hands on his youngest sons shoulders “You bear your burdens well Lucian and your sons love you all the more for it I can see that.

You have joined them for their grieving process at the loss of their brothers and they have watched you stand beside them as they faced their biggest test. The Eldar are a formidable foe and you will probably encounter them again, ask Vulkan for he continuously fights against them. I am proud of you son”

Lucian felt his heart swell with pride at his fathers words “You honour me my Lord”

“I will see you out there son”

“Yes lord”

The Emperor embraced both his sons and left with the ever faithful Constantine Valdor alongside him,

Roboute joined his brothers’ side as Lucian reverently refolded the banner and handed it to his Equerry with instructions that this banner was to be the first that hung here and to be hung pride of place during the ceremony of remembrance.

“Walk with me Lucian” Roboute motioned with his head and the two brothers made their way slowly along the aisle of the hall. The Marines and Artisans bowing their heads as the two war gods passed them.

“What is to happen to this world now?” Lucian asked.
“It will be handed to Commander Salis. He is next in line to change this world from a world of the unenlightened to the illuminated. I shall leave the 12th company here to oversee the transition, I hear that you are leaving the 14th here to do the same”

”Captain Gerant was most insistent” Lucian nodded “he said it was to aid the brothers of Ultramar”

“I am sure there will be bonds of brotherhood made” Roboute smiled and Lucian realised that the man was a consummate politician as well as a brother he could trust.



“You have proved yourself to be a brother I can trust” Roboute inclined his head

“You honour me brother”

”I am, however aware that you and Lorgar have differing…. ideologies and I am honoured to count him as one of my closest brothers”

Roboute stopped and looked up at the first of the murals and it was the arrival of the Emperor rendered in all his glory and beautifully done. Beside him stood the Night Haunter in his dark and foreboding armour. The other side of the Emperor stood the Red Angel and Roboute thought that the artist had captured the never-ending violence that encompassed the lord of the World Eaters perfectly.

To the left of the Night Haunter stood the Prophet of Colchis and it seemed to Roboute that whoever had painted this rendition of Lorgar seemed to have captured his religious fervour perfectly.

What Lucian had heard was true. Roboute cared little for the way the Word Bearers constantly preached about the divinity of the Emperor but they did have a high success rate in the conversion of worlds to the way of the Imperium.

There was a rivalry between the Ultramarines and the Word Bearers and it was not always good.

He cocked his head a little and idly mused, “Who painted this fresco?”

Lucian put his hands behind his back “Laren, he is a most gifted artisan, he failed his Novitiate training but he had a skill for the arts so he was made chief artisan and I commissioned him to render the arrival of the Emperor and my – our brothers” he corrected.

If Roboute heard the correction he did not comment on it. “The man is skilled. The way he captures our father in all his glory, the dark and untouchable nature of the Night Haunter, the unbridled violence of Angron and the Fervour of Lorgar. It is almost as if they are in the room with us now.” He clapped his hand on Lucians shoulder “I would not ask you to break such ties with Lorgar Lucian, but I will advise that you keep your eyes open. His fervour can be distracting at times. However he counts Horus as one of his closest brothers and you are indeed in esteemed company”

“I have heard much about Horus is it true what they say about him?”

Roboute nodded “The Lunar Wolves are the most feared of all the Legions and they are what they are because of Horus. He was the first found by the Emperor and therefore spent the most time in his company learning from him. He is everything they say”

Roboute sounded a little weary and Lucian put it down to the battle.

“We have made ties of honour Roboute and for that I am pleased”

“That we have Lucian and your bond with Lorgar is nothing to do with that” Roboute smiled “It will not come between us.”

“When do you leave?”

“In another day or two. So fancy some long talks on our worlds?”

Lucian smiled broadly “First come sample the ale of my world, it may not be the finest vintage of wine that you are used too…”

“Brother I am going to enjoy this” Roboute interrupted a little eagerly.

The two Primarchs laughed as they headed for the personal quarters of the Spartan and it was a sound to hear.

Two Primarchs laughing was a rare sound and it was a loud sound.

When The Ultimate Warrior and his sons left two days later the Spartan Guard knew that they had another Legion they could join in battle with and not loose their trust.

Lucian watched the unfurling of the banner with the remnants of 6th Company doing the honours.

He gazed proudly at his sons knowing they had made their name to one of the most esteemed Legions in the Imperium and it could only mean good things may ahead.
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