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First off, let me just say that Tossy's Article is a great look at the Ork army with heavy boy use. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the lists/tacticas presented in there. I happen to disagree with the huge push for the basic boy (not that they aren't a solid unit) and thus would like to present an alternative look at building an Ork army.

Let me also say that this is not an push to advocate 100% Nob use or that Boyz suck. Far from it, every ork army DOES need Ork Boyz BUT depending on the rest of the list, I feel you can get away with less of them.

Below is the 2000 point list I used last weekend to nab first place at BIGCON (2 day, 5 game tourney located in British Columbia). I have been playing variations of this list for about 2 years now at various tournaments in Canada including 'Ard Boyz, Astronomi-Con (Vancouver), as well as local stuff (All with great results).

2000 Orks

Big Mek /w KFF, Burna, Cybork Body

7 Nob Bikers - cybork bodies
-Power Klaw
-Power Klaw, Bosspole
-Power Klaw, Ammo Runt
-Waaagh! Banner, Big Choppa
-Combi Rokkit

13 lootas

19 Boyz /w shootas, 2 big shootas, Nob /w Power Klaw and Bosspole
19 Boyz /w shootas, 2 big shootas, Nob /w Power Klaw and Bosspole
5 Meganobz /w 1 combi scorcha, 1 combi rokkit - Battlewagon /w deff rolla, big shoota

1 Deffkopta /w rokkits, buzzsaw

Battlewagon /w deff rolla, big shoota, grot riggers
Battlewagon /w deff rolla, big shoota, grot riggers

1998 (roughly, I was a couple points under)

If I was to change up the list again based on more playtesting I would probably drop the lootas due to LoS blocking terrain and my own battlewagons being in the way. I'd drop the cybork body on the Mek as I rarely disembarked him - although the flamer was awesome.

I'd use the points to probably run a suicide battlewagon (wagon, deff rolla, grot riggers, with a minimum sized squad of grots inside).

Anyways, this obviously isn't the be all end all of ork lists but I hope it gives you an idea of what else is possible in the competitive world of Orks.

If enough people want it, I can post up my general battle plan when I run a list like this. My thoughts on the included units, etc.

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I fell insulted ^_^ ... But I am glad someone read (and enjoyed) my article

Nah, this is actually a great list.

Hahah, it's like I said. Nothing wrong with your article... Boyz are still a decent unit, just wanted to give the listeners a different perspective!

-Change the combi-rokkitz to a combi-scorchaz and they will be better.
-Switch your meganobz and nob bikers around as troops

I should probably change the combi-rokkit on the nob bikers to the scorcha, I've just modeled it with the rokkit haha. The rokkit on the meganobz though is purely for wound allocation. 1 rokkit, 1 flamer, and a couple vanilla. I switch between the nob bikers and the meganobz as troops, playtesting both. So far the meganobz actually live longer as the nob bikers take most of the beating during the game. It is nice to have the mobility left at the end of the game to grab an objective but its almost equally useful to contest whereas the meganobz can goto ground on an objective for a 2+/3+ and 2 wounds making them all but immovable.

I feel I should say this though. My Boyz before Toyz article said that it was not hard and fast rules. More specifically it condones the use of nob bikers and meganobz... just not standard nobz. There is a reason I advocate Boyz before Toyz especially in a list like this, you need objective takers which aren't soft and squishy 6+ saves. So I guess my final peice of advice for this list .

Ah, well that makes a bit more sense. I dislike regular nobz as well, the points for the bikes are more than made up in the speed, saves, guns, and toughness they bring. I would also agree that a boy is better for the points than a standard nob. My boyz in this army have a nice 14 armour shell though and a 5+ save if they get knocked out of it (KFF). The name of this game is to keep that 12-18" buffer with the wagons and shoot them to pieces. Once they close the distance, you unleash your waagh and charge their crippled remains. Ghaz obviously being the assassination piece.

-Drop the kopta, put in a group of gretchins as another objective taker and your list is perfect. And possibly more success in your future.

Yeah, the kopta was so so in my list. It was nice to scout up the enemies flank and take potshots at armour. The buzzsaw really wasn't worth it though. I'd rather just have 2 with rokkits. I think ultimately, like I said above, the lootas are not a fit in this list. Between LoS blocking terrain and my own battlewagons, I was either giving cover saves or denying a lot of my own shots. Besides, the deffrollas can smash apart rhinos and the like when they close in while the nob bikers can deal with the more menacing artillery. I think it might be worthwhile to include a 3rd battlewagon as a heavy support choice (4 total in the list) and put a cheap unit of gretchin in it. Run it as a suicide wagon that if its still around at the end of the game it can score. It would give me 4 scoring units. If there's an objective in my back field I can also just reserve them and bring em in later.

This is the sort of list my article agrees with as a stompy orken army ^_^

[edit]: I just look at my changes in your army and realised it is almost exactly one of my 2k point armies right down to the bikers set up, lol
Cool, I think there's a reason to that. Its a strong list that plays a lot different than say the Green Tide. I think next I would like to give Kommandos another try. Pincer them from both sides and apply lots of pressure. Burnas could be another option but that would make for 3 expensive choices in the list.

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Personally, i would go with either the Nob Bikers or the MegaNobz, but NOT BOTH.
I would only ever take Nobz if they are scoring.
Use the points gained to run another unit of Boyz in a Battlewagon.
Drop all upgrades off the Big Mek except for the KFF.
Drop the Kopta for some Gretchin for deployment zone objectives (as Tossy suggested).

Id go with something like this...

20 Boyz with Nob/PK/BP in BW with 'rolla/BS/(RPJ)
20 Boyz with Nob/PK/BP in BW with 'rolla/BS/(RPJ)
19 Boyz with Nob/PK/BP in BW with 'rolla/BS/(RPJ) (KFF rides in here)
X Meganobz (2 K-S) in BW with 'rolla/BS/(RPJ) (Ghaz rides in here)
10-19 Gretchin + RH
10-12 Lootas

Sould be around about the right points at a guess.
Tweak as needed.
I don't feel the third squad of boyz provides anything extra over the nob bikers. I've tried running 3-4 squads of boyz in battlewagons but there's only so much to shoot. I'd much rather have the stompy power of the nob bikers and their last turn contesting speed. 3 scoring units is more than enough to grab objectives. I am still considering a unit of gretchin with their own wagon. Up front. Hopefully to bait melta.

All in all, generally this list goes for the table. Having the nob bikers multi-assault ability allows this.
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