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I fell insulted ^_^ ... But I am glad someone read (and enjoyed) my article

Nah, this is actually a great list.

-Change the combi-rokkitz to a combi-scorchaz and they will be better.
-Switch your meganobz and nob bikers around as troops

I feel I should say this though. My Boyz before Toyz article said that it was not hard and fast rules. More specifically it condones the use of nob bikers and meganobz... just not standard nobz. There is a reason I advocate Boyz before Toyz especially in a list like this, you need objective takers which aren't soft and squishy 6+ saves. So I guess my final peice of advice for this list

-Drop the kopta, put in a group of gretchins as another objective taker and your list is perfect. And possibly more success in your future.

This is the sort of list my article agrees with as a stompy orken army ^_^

[edit]: I just look at my changes in your army and realised it is almost exactly one of my 2k point armies right down to the bikers set up, lol
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