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I am not sure I would do that. You can only take the trukk as a dedicated transport and burna boyz can't get it. So, you will be disembarking something to that is small in unit size to make its way across the board.
Afaik you can buy a truck as a dedicated transport for a unit of 30 boys, you just cant get them into it. So that part can actually work fairly well.
Edit: Ignore the gray part, that will teach me not to double check before posting...

But as has been said before, burna boys are a tad to expensive (especially with their lack of armour save) to lug around in trukks.
Even if you go up against a horde army, the AV 10 of a trukk can be fairly easily breached by just firing a volley of bolter / shoota fire into it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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