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Burn, baby, burn...

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Let's see, myself...
I'm male, 14, and thus a student, I collect Tyranids, have a mild obsession with Genestealers and am a good friend of Larkin.

I also willl burn alive any one who mocks Broodlords...

Aside from that, I hate the emperor's champion. Stupid Black Sword...
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hi jug good that you found this place
i will kill your broodlord horribly when i get my army built
and the emperor champion rocks and kills you broodlord
but anyway welcome to the site enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to the site. Look around, get comfortable, pardon me whilst I snicker at yonder Broodlord :)
Welcome to Hersey Online,
hope you enjoy the place, find it useful and entertaining.
Welcome and enjoy if you've got any pics feel free to fill up the gallery!

Broodlord? :lol:
PAH! Puny bugs. Ah step on you!

Welcome, though! :D
Welcome to the forums and i dislike playin nids at least :? </3 'fexes
Broodlord pretty nasty too, havent been able to torrent of fire him yet, friend keeps using him well in cover and Los :cry:
Welcome aboard Pyro.:D
Hope you enjoy your stay at HO!
Sigh... if you could all just step over there, I'll see if I have enough firewood, petrol and pyro-acid for all you Broodlord-Mocking infidels....
nice to see that every one likes broodlords as much as i do
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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