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I try and give a little insight about the new kits GW produce when i can, i know some people like to do un-boxing videos but i like to use words,and simply because im far too handsome for film.

The Ogryn/bullgryn kit contains parts to make 3 miniatures and also includes the parts to create the Ogryn special character Nork Deddog, To do that however you need to use one of the three bodys.

GW have as expected loaded the sprues with many parts, the Ogryn bodies are clearly an evolution of the warhammer fantasy ogres,they share quite a few similarities and after matching up a few parts it would be fairly straight forward to use parts from the fantasy ogres to kit bash the ogryns or if you wanted to save money i think picking up a box of bulls and using up any additional left over parts would work without too much green stuff, though please note i think the fantasy ogres are slightly larger but only slightly, if you dont like the Ogryn heads the Ogre kingdom heads fit really well.

the legs of the ogryns are the greatest move forward from the fantasy ogres, they are multi part and not static looking like the fantasy kin, GW have also been very clever and marked all the parts with letters so its easy to work out which part goes with which other part if you want to build straight out of the box, sometimes with sprues that have so many parts on it could be harder for less experienced modellers to work out what works with what other part, this kit makes it far easier.

the kit has a full complement of weapons, some weapons also share arms like the two different types of shield, speaking of the shields, the slab shields interlock so it would be possible to make a kinda ogryn riot phalanx if you wanted. One of the most interesting parts in the kit is the inclusion of armour that actually fits over the model torso as opposed to being a totally separate torso section.

the kit also includes a very healthy amount of accessories such as ammo,grenades,bayonets and fuel canister flasks to add to the models.

at £28.50 i think this is one of the better priced 3 model kits on the market,when you consider this kit is really no different than the space marine centurions which is £47.50 and oblits at £31.50 or crisis suit team at £40, in general i think the new imperial guard stuff has been fairly well priced as a release.

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