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I'm unsure exactly what advice you're looking for. I'm unsure if you're going for fun or competitiveness but here are my thoughts.

I would give the flyrant the haywire template rather than the desiccator. For a long time I was very hesitant to put any template on my flyrant but have found being able to hit vehicles with haywire is amazing. Additionally, it has the ability to to clear out hoards in cover so it does two jobs while desiccator really only does one.

I've never really liked tervigons and in the new dex I like them less. Not only are they expensive, their tax is expensive, and they can kill your own units. Additionally, I feel they don't really offer that much. In the end you have more termagaunts and termagaunts are not really that great. They are not as good in assault as hormagants, they have lousy range, and die easily. You only have one tervigon so you won't be flooding the field and at 2000 points the small amount of extra troops you get and the tervigon will not be very beneficial.

I have not used the maleceptor but it seems largely unappealing to me and it's power not very useful. Personally, I would drop it all together.

Cluster-spines on the crone seems like a waste of points. It most likely will be using its "missiles" or vector-striking something and hitting it with it's drool cannon. I think these points could be better spent else where.

Toxin sacs on a mawlock also seem like a waste. Mawlocks are pretty crap in combat and should be only taken for its burrowing and deepstriking capabilities. I don't believe they have enough attacks to really take advantage of toxin sacs.

As for the fexes, I prefer dual TL devourers but venom cannons are not terrible for some ranged str 9. However, acid blood is another one of those biomorphs that doesn't really pay off and again the points could be better spent else where.

That is my basic opinion on the list. Of course, I'm unsure what kind of advice you're looking for so feel free to disregard it. :)
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