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Sounds like a great start to me!

It all really depends on the route you want to take. Are you going for an elite based army with small model counter and all the bells and whistles or as many boots on the table as you can manage? Best place (and probably most boring) I'd recommend starting is getting some transport arranged for those wolf units. You need a way of getting them up the board to mid table at least as I find static wolves are dead wolves. Were you thinking of running the wolf pack units from the box as grey hunters or blood claws? If BC I'd looking into an assault vehicle, a landraider or stormfang does very nicely. If GH, the standard rhino does wonders for a large number of guys.

Special weapons for GH are dependent on what you want the unit to do. I run my GH's at a small 5 man demo unit, 1 melta, 1 combi-melta and a melta bomb. But plasma does seem to be the weapon of choice for the majority of players.

New devastator box is awesome, definitely would get one. A few wolf bits and you're well away! Just a shame we can't use the grav-cannons

I find that grey hunters are
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