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This is what I currently have. I am working on another Tac squad right now. I'm at 875 points.


Scout squad - BP and combat blades
Sgt - PF, combi-melta, Locater Beacon

Land Speeder Storm - MM

Tac Squad - ML, MG
Sgt - PF, combi-flamer
Razorback - Lascannon, TL plasma, hunter killer missile

Ironclad Dread - 2 hunter killers, HF, MG
Drop Pod

The basic plan is the scouts move in with the storm pull the DP in. Combat squad the tac squad. Hold one objective and take a second.

When I finish the second tac squad I will be at about 1100 points. Ideas on what to add next toward 1500 points?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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