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Building/Painting Marines. Leave bolters off?

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Just got back into 40k after over a decade away from TT(fluff is still my home!), and have now got some Blood Angels on the go again. Being quite a bit younger last time round, I never really painted that much beyond a spray of Blood Angel Red and then painting the bolters and others quickly.

Now though, I really want to put a lot of effort into painting them. Hell, I've half started again just to paint. With the marines though, it seems like it's going to be a lot of effort and quite tricky to paint the chest plates, if the bolters are already glued on as well. Does anyone else leave the bolters off to paint the marines first? If so, do you then paint the bolters before gluing them on or after?

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Definitely leave the bolters off, I used to glue the bolters on and then try and paint around them. Best bit of painting advice I've ever been given.
Test fit the arms first, then glue in place as normal leaving the bolter aside.

Glue the bolter onto a spare piece of sprue by the hand (same place as you'll be gluing in when you put it on the model). Thisgives you something to hold onto when painting the bolter.

paint both seperately, the glue together.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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