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Okay so some of these models I have already the rest I'm buying as I go. I'm aiming to have a mechanised SM list (this current list sits around 1750) then add extra units for different playstyle options up to 2500pts overall.

Type of player I am is new, non competative in it more for fun. What I'm looking for in terms of advice is even in friendly games is this list atleast a viable option for some victorys? The units I've picked I was aiming for a general all rounder, flexible jack of all trades type Army.

Captain + Command Squad
Librarian/Termie Armour
Chaplain/Jump Pack

Dreadnaught w/heavy flamer and CC weapon
Assault Termies with hammer/ss

10 man tac squad w/Rhino
10 man tac squad w/Rhino
5 man Scout Squad w/Heavy Bolter no snipes ((Unsure whether to have Sgt Telion aswell?))

Fast Attack
Landspeeder Storm
5 man Assault Squad w/Jump packs

Heavy Support

Devastator Squad w/Razorback

So the overall look I was going for was a rapid manouvreable Army with the dedicated transport for the tac squads and Devastators. This will allow me to move my ranged elements around the ground more freely and hopefully help me dominate the area. The devastators have got a Razorback just to add to their fire support wherever they setup.

I've then got my landspeeder storm to ferry my scouts around for rapid objective taking until they can be re-enforced by one of my Rhino squads.

Then the punch from my Army I intended to come from my Termies and Libby in their Landraider and the Assault Marines with the jump pack Chaplain attached to them. Aswell as my Dreadnaught and Command Squad. These units I'd either use to get in amongst the enemy under the cover of my ranged support or use to re-enforce any assaults made onto my own posistions.

Any thoughts or feedback would be great, like I said this is my first SM/40k army so I might have dreamt this up in lala land :D

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HEllo brother from another chapter! I used to play SM , but know i am with B.Templars..

1st of all Use your powers of your codex (combat SQuads! awesome...)
DEvastators-Sternguards ownz....

If i were you i would buy a Drop mb 3 (as you know the drop pod rule....2of3 in turn 2)

Razorbacks with combat squads are good giving you fire support (for your mech armie...)

what you like in a SM list? most?

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I play SM. Some thoughts on your list. The main point is to get a DP.

Captain I really like captains with LC. Much better than PW. Another helpful thing is to equip your captain similarly to one of the name characters like the Khan or Pedro. Then you can have him counts-as a namesake to try those characters out.

Command Squad I really recommend trying out four PG in this squad. With FNP they have little to fear from Gets Hot! If you make them as PG guys, you can also swap them into your tactical squads when you don't want them as a command squad.

Librarian I would not put this model in terminator armour, even if he is going to run around with the Termies. Librarians give great value on the basic package, and don't gain much from those extra points. In terminator armour you will feel more restricted in who you field him with, and your collection will ultimately be less flexible.

Chaplain I like and play a Jump Chaplain, but I am coming to believe that assault marines should be fielded on foot or in a dedicated transport. Hence, I would field a power-armoured chaplain instead. That said, I really like the model Workshop produced for this guy.

Tactical Squads I have really gone off Tactical Squads, due to their inflexibility, but luckily you can usually have them counts-as other things. If you do build two 10-man squads then I suggest having two LC, two PG, and two MG. I really like PW for their SGTs, over PF; although PF also works.

Scouts I am getting more value from ML than HB. I really like Telion, but note that our ruling is that his Stealth applies to the unit. That makes him good value. If not Telion, then camo-cloaks are very good.

Assault Squad 5-man is too small. I suggest at least 8-man, or 10-man and have an option on two flamers. It is fun to use jump pack equipped assault squads, but possibly for the cost they are better on foot.

Devastator Because of their heavy weapons, devastators tend to have to be set up in one spot and work from there. Therefore their Razorback is mostly fire support, in which case it needs an LC.

Dreadnought I don't like dreads so much in cc. I suggest a rifleman, i.e. 2xTLAC.

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Thanks for the advice guys, +Rep Vonklaude for the exceptionally good breakdown there! I'll take all that on board, it's a shame with the Assault Marines though, the jump packs are just so bloody cool :biggrin:

Any more comments/feedback would be awesome

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"Type of player I am is new, non competative in it more for fun."

At the end of the day, we're all in it for the fun.. even us competative types. One thing to consider is that a hard list can still be a fun game if you're playing vs another hard list... if you're playing vs a soft list.. then match... but the "non-fun" occurs when one player's list is just waaay better than the other.

So, I would suggest that your force building take some of the above into account.

Here are the "best" out of each slot. These are what you tend to see as pretty much all competative lists will include selections from the three above with some degree of regularity.

Troops - Razorbacks and Combat squadded tacs.
Elites - Rifleman Dreads
Fast - Landspeeders
Heavy - Autocannon Las Predators

Here's what I tend to do...
If it's a hard as nails list... then I bring my hard as nails list.
If it's close but not quite there -- I bring a competative list with a penalty (ie, run Termies, or take Shrike, or 3 Vindis - something to reduce my firepower so the game isn't so one sided)
If it's completely non-competative - I'll try to match as best I can so that we can still have a fun game and I don't shoot them off the board turn 1.
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