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Well hello everyone, this is my page on my custom steel legion armies that I plan on casting due to what I'm adding to the GW models.
Examples of this are: Meshing/camouflaged socks (Litterly, British paratroopers used camouflaged socks for their helmets.), back packs and other assorted Gear.

I'm only casting the soldiers themselves, I plan on leaving the officers pretty natural unless I decide to make a custom hero. (I learned that casting is fine as long as you do not sell them, only way you can sell your casted models is if their completely of your own design meaning you've sculpted them ground up.)

The camouflage pattern for the Soldiers coats will similar to the camouflage used for the Denison smock only darker and worn in: (This will only apply to the Infrantry Regiment, the mechanized Regiment will have a kahki brown worn in coat, but still have the camouflaged meshing on their helmets.)
For the vehicles, I'm going for an green and greyish-brown pattern, but I'll see how that comes along.

C&C welcomed and please leave your thoughts, Liam.
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