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Hey all I'm on a budget right now and want to build a necrons army. Here is what I have came up with. Keep in mind the necrons codex is involved in the $300.

Necrons Tomb Awakened- $145(eBay)
This set comes with
-5 lynchguard
-10 immortales
-1 triarch stalker
-3 wraiths
-1 annihilation barge

-x2 warriors set- $50.00(eBay)
-24 warriors
-6 scarabs

-night scythe- $35.00

-necrons codex- $40.00

That total comes to $270.00 with a little wiggle room for adjustments. Im new to this game so please be gentle with comments lol, thx

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The necron battleforce I think is the best place to start, its a really good set and you get enough troops, potentially deathmarks or Immortals (both good in my opinion) and either a really good transport or a really good big gun vehicle.

Again with the tomb awakened you will get either deathmarks or immortals depending on how you want them, and 5 triarch preatorians or lychguard. All the units you need to choose between are really good anyway so you don't need to worry how you build them.

One thing I would suggest would be to build what you have above as such, so then you can fit it into a decruion if you want and use all the stuff, there will be one or two extra units you may need for it but they can naturally be added later on as you can always take a CAD which people will do most of the time I expect. When you get chance I would buy some tomb blades so you can make a reclamation legion, another box of triarch preatorians, so you can use the triarch formation. And probably the simplest addition that I would try and add to the list of stuff you want straight off would be a Canoptek spyder, as then you have all the stuff for the canoptek harvest formation which can be nasty.

Hope that helps!!
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