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Hi all,

I just thought I'll ask you fellow heretics about brushes. See mine are quite dead now and so I need a suitable replacement. I'm no Picasso but enjoy painting, specially detailing my models as much as I can, so I'm on the lookout for good hobby brushes.

Now, there's always the possibility of buying GW brushes, more so now that they are launching the Mega Paint Set. What are your experiences with these brushes? Is there any other brand you use because of their quality/usability?

Ok that's that. Hope to hear your comments/thoughts.

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What about Army Painter brushes? the guys at BoW use them, but seems to me they are too expensive. Are they worth their price?
Army painter, huh? They are good, my friend uses them, but I prefer the GW ones... The only useful is the Insane Detail brush...
I normally don't buy GW. I enjoy painting and would rather spend that extra bit on quality. Thats me though, it depends on your level of skill.

In addition, theres a nice, old fashioned, independent art supply shop in my hometown where all the staff wear suits and stuff. Nice to contribute to keeping a small business going!
Supporting local stores is always important!
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21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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