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'Brothers of the Snake' released!

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Just got it off the shelf in the U.S. and can't wait to read it all day tomorrow. I think Abnett is going to hit it right on the head. Anyone pick this one up yet and read it?
What are your thoughts(without spoilers)?
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I was waiting for that sucka!

It better be at my local Borders, it wasnt at my Books-A-Million, those fuckaz! :evil:
Wow.. WOW. The book is amazing! The pace and setup of the whole book is phenomenal. I think this book might have tied or surpassed Necropolis as my favorite Abnett book. He uses a very similar style to his usual, but with its own unique flare. Things are on a much smaller scale than Gaunts Ghosts and his HH novels, but that allows so much more specifics and detail that makes a bang. The way he depicts an Iron Snake Astartes is perfect, making me feel like I was actually looking upon one with the detail, or being one with the scene and action depictions. A Must Have...

I might be creating my own Damocles Squad to gawk at on my shelf!
Stop teasing me I dont have it yet! :(

I love when an author actually pays attention to detail.

I hate it when you have a character, but dont know crapola about what they look like. :x
I just ordered it, should get it in 5 days or so. WHOO!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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