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Hello folks :)

What to say as introduction? I googled for GT lists and it gave a lot of links to Heresy Online, so I registered, maybe I can find some interesting threads here :) (I'm alrady registered at a number of other WH related message boards)

And a little bit about me.

I started miniature gameing with 40K in fall of 2005. I started with a box of Thousand Sons :) Since then I owned (and sold) Ultramarines, Tau, IG. Now I own (and won't let go) Space Wolves, Necrons and my last project is Chaos Space Marines (IW colors), but I hear the Wolves calling and get back to my wolves as a 'side project'.
I also dabled in WHFB and some Confrontation, but after I went to the European Team Championship I found it is better if I focus entirely on 40K for a time.

oh yes, and something less geeky information about me :D

I'm Victor, 26 living in Hungary, but my nationality is german :D



p.s: How do I change the color layout of the site? I looked for minutes, but I couldn't find the option.

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Ya know, Vanger, I'm not really sure that there is an option to select a different skin anymore. There was at one time, but I think the Admin staff decided to settle on this one permanently.

All the same, I'm glad to have another Necron player here, as I'm just starting out with them and could use some good advice.

Welcome aboard!
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