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Brother Arnold Schnatzkrieg was born in one of the most isolated villages in Ostland. At the age of seven, his training in combat began, due to the village being so close to danger.
Arnold eventually tired of the threat from the forests, and convinced a quarter of the village's militia to follow him into the forests to purge the Beastmen in the surrounding area. To their great surprise the Cloven Ones were nowhere to be found, Arnold's thirst for justice remained unsatisfied.
It was but a few months later that the greenskins began to spill out of the Badlands into the Empire, and Arnold saw his opportunity to purge evil in them. He once again led an expedition to destroy the foes of the Empire, and even more of his fellow villagers accompanied him.
Arnold had underestimated the Orcs. He came across them, and the Beastmen who had been gathering at their herdstone for ritual sacrifices the last time Arnold came through. Outnumbered and outmatched on both sides, Arnold's force was quickly massacred.
Somehow, though, Arnold survived. He hacked his way through many of the foul creatures that day, and somehow escaped. He spent the next few years roaming the forests of the Empire, seldom resting and eating only when he was sure that the taint of Chaos was not in the animals of the forest.
Nobody knows how Arnold lived through this ordeal. Perhaps it was an incredible display of manpower, perhaps he was blessed by Sigmar. Whichever one, Arnold was slowly and unwittingly making his way to Altdorf.
When he arrived, he demanded to see the Arch Lectors of Sigmar. He told them he had seen Sigmar in a vision, and that the fate of the Empire may rest in the Badlands. The Arch Lectors agreed that Arnold was undoubtedly made pure in his years in the forest, and immediately made him a Warrior Priest of the Cult of Sigmar.
Brother Arnold journeyed to the Badlands at the head of a host of Altdorf's finest warriors. They carved many legends there, and slew many Giants. However, Brother Arnold was abducted in his sleep, and taken to Tilea where he was forced to battle others in gladiatorial duels. This he relishes, as it gives him an opportunity to personally slay leaders of the enemy's forces.
Brother Arnold is incredibly muscular, and so he would be after having lived in the forests of the Old World for so long and having slain so many Giants. His features are noble and angular, covered with scars from hiss many battles. He has verses from the Canticle of the Heldenhammer cut into the skin of his hand, to bring holy favour his way. In the pits of Tilea, he will need it.

Not related to the fluff, Brother Arnold first came into being in a campaign at my local hobby centre to lead up to the 8th edition. And he really has killed lots of Giants.
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