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This log is for my Urban War minis currently, I have two armies to paint, Triads and Viridians.

If I remember right they should be the same points in total, I'll get the lists up later.

Here's some pictures to tide you over before I get painting (paints etc under a pile of stuff in my room).

My purchase today, a Gale Force 9 Pinning Set. Really good quality and nice to use.

Now, the Triads.




Kabuki Doll (left) and Triad Boss (right)

And finally, Sumo Bodyguard, was missing his original weapon so a Chaos warrior axe will do :D

Needing to decide on the scheme for these, maybe rich reds and blues overall. Suggestions?


Heavy Weapon Team


Troops and Heavy Gunner

Probably will go with the green on the sniper as it is the official scheme.

On another note, I am looking at buying a 35 point army of Cygnar which would consist of:

- Squire
- Centurion
- Thorn

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages
- Officer
- - Defender

Black 13th


And then to expand to 50pts I'll get:

- Unit Attachment


Gonna play the list on the Vassal Warmachine Mod first and see how it goes :biggrin:

I'll get painting tommorrow I think.

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Looking good. to be honest i dont really like the models but the painting is good.

the 1st one i definatly think more layers is the key.. maybe turn them into a sort of wash?

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The flesh you might want to try starting with a white base coat, also your paint doesn't seem to be applying all that well so give it a good shake and stir before you use it, this will give a good coverage and not look patchy. If you're wanting some good shades with your skin tones, you might want to try a brown as a shade colour this generally compliments flesh tones rather well and i find if you add a tiny bit of scorched brown to the first application of flesh the coverage is much better.
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