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Here are some finished Brimstone Horrors of Tzeentch. These are new models that can be found in both the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower and in a box set with Blue Horrors.

In the fluff, Pink Horrors are the jovial automatons of Tzeentch, and when they are dealt a mortal wound, they split into two Blue Horrors which are much more vindictive and spiteful. When these Blue Horrors are mortally wounded, they split into two Brimstone Horrors. This is new to the fluff as of the Tzeentch releases from Silver Tower in 2016.

With each Pink Horror producing two of these models, we have the likelihood to be painting two of these bases for each of the Pink Horrors you use, with two painted Blue Horrors in between. That means that we need an efficient way to paint these guys.

Here is a link to my blog that shows the process that I went through. It mirrors Games Workshop's February 2017 White Dwarf Magazine of a reverse highlight, which is what I do for all of my Horror flames. The goal here was a quick paint scheme because you need a lot of them.

Comments welcome!


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