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I used to be around a while back, some of you may remember me, real life got a bit busy so I faded away into the background and don't post very often, I generally paint and convert about as much as I post as well(I go to a Uni that means I actually have to work, not the best choice of universities in retrospect) so anytime I do actually do anything I get kinda excited.

So yea hello to all the old folks, just making a flying visit.

So last week instead of doing what I should be doing painting wise (Imperial Guard Infantry and Super Heavies) I instead scooped up secondhand a shit load of Brettonia for very little money. Total haul was:

1 Paladin with Standard
1 Mounted Damsel with staff
1 Damsel with staff on foot
1 Fay Enchantress (Still in shrink wrap!)
1 Pegasus Knight
16 Knights of the Realm
5 Grail Knights
7 previous edition bowmen
1 Trebuchet

All for $110 NZD (about 50 quid) and thats including postage! Score for me. I'm selling the Trebuchet and thats currently sitting on $36, also selling the bowmen, the mounted damsel and trying to sell the Enchantress because I don't want them. So I could make a bit of money back.

Anyway I was going to sell the BSB because I wasn't a fan of the model but then I realised that I still needed a General (Didn't want to use the Pegasus knight for it for theme reasons) so I got to chopping and pinning and this is what I came up with:

Lord "I don't have a name yet"

Mother is from Mousillon and father is from Gisoreux hence the stag and fleur heraldry mix (the sheild does look a lot better in person), the idea is that this guys estates are on both sides of the border between the two dukedoms and him and his boys trying to do the best for Mousillon but finding it bloody difficult to do it all legit and do have to make some short cuts. They aren't the most virtuous of fellows but they are doing what they can to make things right. If I do get some men at arms (probably won't) they will all have different heraldries like the knights, so its as if all the knights are bringing a couple of them along and they have just being mashed together. Knights will all have black barding and then their heraldry will set them apart. Not really a huge fan of a massively mulit-coloured force, I want something to unite them all.

So yea, don't know when he will get a lick of paint, will probably do a couple of test knights first.

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