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Who wins in a 1 vs 1 battle? The Empire or Bretonnia?

  • Bretonnia

    Votes: 26 28.3%
  • The Empire

    Votes: 66 71.7%
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I said Brettonia, but honestly I feel like the attacking side would lose period. Which everone attacked the other would lose. The battle of montfort supports this, a vastly out number Brettonian force held off the empire's army along wiht mercenaries until the province of Parravan showed up with reinforcements. one of the largest battles between the 2.

Also as far as cannons, if only the Brettonians had some sort of fast moving mobile flying cavalry like Pegasus knights. Cannons jsut can't fire when they crews are fighting Pegasus knights.

On the other hand if Brettonia attacked into the Empire; the castles would provide the empire army with what they needed to win.

Besides either one doing a full scale assault on the other is stupid as Chaos,vampires and Orcs would destroy their country. In the case of the empire since it is so large, i doubt they even get to attack before losing half thier country in the north if they tried to mobilize everything.
41 - 41 of 41 Posts