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looks like ur run of the mill walker list things i would suggest.

Drop the trucks there easy to kill and will be ur opponents 1st target.

Drop 10 boyz off the 30 man squads and make all 4 units 20 strong.

all ur boyz units need a boss pole.

Skorcas on kans is kind of a waiste as ur useing a wep that dose not take advantage of there high BS.

Also i would take one unit of kans with grot zookas and the other 2 with rockits so you have some anti tank stuff.

put armor plates on ur dreads and i would drop one DCCW for a skorca.

If you can dig up the points for lootas they would really help this list alot or make shure you add them when you jump to 2k pts.

Also when you jump to 2k kammandos with snikrot would help as well as warbuggys or deff coptas with rockits.

Any how welcome to da WAAAAAGH and good luck with ur list
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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