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My oldest son turned 11, and found my 40k stuff in the attic. I got him into a painting class at the local GW shop and rekindled my passion. I just sorted all my accumulated Ork stuff and found I have about 8 billion points worth of Orks and a brand new codex that makes them worth playing again.

Since no one is probably going to read this, I won't be too embarrassed to just list my stuff from memory, so probably half is not shown here. OG = old guard and RT = Rogue Trader

8 Trukks, only two standard, most bashed together from partz and gubbins
10 warbikes + 10 OG grot sized metal bikes (good for making cyboars!)
10 Boarboyz (count as bikes under my impression of the new rules)
12 OG Blood Axe Commandos with a RT Blood Axe with uge choppa (you know the one!)
about 100 current plastic boys
12 stormboyz with nob +5 OG stormboyz (have to use CSM jump packs for them)
20 assorted RT orks
20 assorted OG plastic orks
2 RT/OG Dreads+2 modern Dreads
1 RT small dread (killa kan) + 2 modern KKs + one completely whacked out conversion that includes a grot in a garbage can, pedals, and the tracks from an OG bike)
4 deff koptas (two are WHFB Dwarf Gyrocopter conversions)
About 20 hard boys or skar boys
5-10 original deathskull lootas
OG Shokk attack gun
bunch zapp gunz and other artillery
10-20 grotz
2 RT buggies
4-5 Trax or scorchas
My Warboss, complete with ammo runt (who holds fungus beer in the place of ammo)
and 10 or so of the Bad Moon Mega Armored Nobz

The Piece-de-resistance is my Boss's personal Battlewagon. It is an OG rhino chassis supporting a really bashed up devilfish (the tau tank). Lots of green stuff used on the seam! It has a deff rolla of course, and the single least effective big gun to mount on a battlewagon which tends to charge into battle: a lobba. But not just any lobba! It is about 8 inches tall, and is an actual moving trebuchet, using an OG metal Space wolf terminator hanging upside down as ballast. Those blood claws look so cute dangling there!

Hope to see some of youse around.

Semper Fi,


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Ooh Rah! Welcome to the Pit of Despair (c)!

The Orks sound awesome, and I'm glad you are getting the opportunity to enjoy them with your son. Are all of your children interested in the hobby? My son and one daughter are, though all three have shown at least passing interest at one point or another, which is more than I can say for my wife! :biggrin:

Glad to have you aboard, Brainboy 17!

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IF you can toss some pics up that would be great.
I need ideas for my WAAAGGG
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