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Looking thought the guard codex there a awsome pic of a vet deal shotgun death to a nid.

I spent some time thinking about how to make one, and i managed to get one looking alrght,

What you need

1x Sharp Cutting tool
1x Bolter
1x Length of plastic rod/WFB spear shaft
Plastic glue

Step 1:
Cut of the clip down to the main body of the Bolter

Step 2:
Cut the barrel and sights etc. Cut the end bit thats behind the main body/handel

Step 3:
Cut two lengths of plastic rod no longer then 1cm long, the second half the length.

Step 4:
Attach to model and enjoy :D
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That could work out quite well, I'll try this on my next marines, post up some pics to show you how it goes. Also, it could work well if you used a cheap alternative of fondue sticks, but I think metal would turn out best.

Nice tutorial, it was simple and straight to the point. Good job.
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