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Bolt Action Imperial Japanese Army. 1000pts.

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Purely a beer & pretzels list :)

Imperial Japanese Army.
Force HQ: 70pts.

2nd Lieutenant. Regular.
Private with Rising Sun Banner. Regular.
Private with SMG. Regular.

Rifle Units: 635pts.
‘Type B’ Rifle Squad.
Corporal & 12 men including LMG. Regular.
‘Type B’ Rifle Squad.
Corporal & 12 men including LMG. Regular.
‘Type B’ Rifle Squad.
Corporal & 12 men including LMG. Regular.
Grenadier Squad.
Corporal & 10 men including 3 Knee Mortars. Regular.

Support Units: 295pts.
MMG Team. Regular.
81mm Mortar Team. Regular.
Suicide Anti-tank Team. Regular.*
Suicide Anti-tank Team. Regular.*
Chi-Ha Tank. Regular.
Light Truck. (Soviet Gaz AA). Regular.

Army Points Total: 1,000.
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Those integral light mortars are excellent. They can move and shoot, even if they are hitting on 6s. The best role for them is throwing out smoke, especially considering your opponent could use Banzai! to drag your squad out of cover. Three 3" smoke templates every turn can mess up your opponents line of sight for his support weapons. I'm only coming to realise just how effective smoke is after a year of using mortars for HE and hitting nothing. Smoke will always land, even if you miss and your opponent gets to move the templates 6". That he can move the misses doesn't mean much after a turn or two because you'll have thrown out up to 18" of smoke that can't overlap at that stage. I could be wrong, but I think they can fire at a different unit to the riflemen in the squad as well.

Personally I'd drop the MMG. They are way over costed, and pretty useless tbh, and put the points towards making the grenadier squad vets and add in an extra body. I think they can take up to 12. You'd be dropping a dice, but adding more bang for your buck. If you are going to take it, it is best used with a permanent Ambush order. If an enemy squad is foolish enough to walk into range you get 4 chances on his turn to put a pin on them. Same goes for any soft skinned or open-topped vehicles. Because this game is all about getting those pins in.
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To take the second 81mm you have to take another platoon, which means you have to take another officer.
Edit:Ooh, flamethrower..... :crazy:
Yep, stick him in the truck with one of the rifle squads and out flank with him. The truck can move on 12", the flame thrower can dismount and move 6", with a range of 6" on the weapon. He won't last long, but if you do it right he should take out three times his own points before he goes down. Not sure if that truck holds 10 or 12, but if only 10 it would be worth dropping the bodies to make room for the FT.

EDIT: Just noticed those type B squads are all maxed. Might be worth considering dropping them all down to 10, and putting the ones you dropped into another 9 man squad. That extra dice would be very useful, and it adds a bit more flexibility to the force.
@Logaan, is that a British list? If so, don't forget your free arty observer. EDIT: I'm gonna assume it's US, with the .50 cal on the Sherman. If so, get those BARs into the rifle squads.

2" mortar team (Regular)
PIAT team (Regular)
Vickers MMG (Regular)
3" mortar team (Regular)
Again, one mortar or the other.

As an aside, have you guys seen EasyArmy? Free list builder that really speeds things up, and has all the army books in there.
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Aye, British all the way for @Logaan
No .50 cal for the Sherman so. The RAF took all of them to put on fighters as far as I remember.
That could be a bit of a pain. I'm using the list from the BA rulebook and it has;


May add a pintle-mounted HMG on the turret for 25 points.
The lists in the rule book were just get-you-by lists until the army books came out. Have a look at that EasyArmy link. All the up to date books are on there. You might also like the options for Gurkhas, commandos, Chindits and Paras. There are also some big points differences between the two sources, in particular with tanks.
At first glance, I'd lose one of the Lts henchmen. It will make them a small team, adding +1 to hit. This could make the difference between them getting hit and wiped out in one round of shooting or not.

People bitch and moan about a lot of things in the ruleset, but the one and only thing that really annoys me is the price of LMGs. Esentially you're paying 20pts for one extra shot and a few extra inches of range that more often than not won't be of any use. People like to see them in there for fluff reasons, but they're just not worth it. If you dropped the two LMGs and the henchman you free up 50pts that could get you a medium mortar, which is a much more effective use of points. It's also another dice in the bag, which is always useful.

That 5 points you haven't used could go towards an SMG for one of your sgts. Considering the Banzai rule, every extra attack in close combat is important.
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