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The Hivefleets are drifting silently towards your tabletop. Here’s the latest word we’ve been told on the Tyranids:

Here’s what the grapevine has told BoLS:

Tyranid Release Window:

These are next up after Horus Heresy

Look for these to appear in early Q1 2016 after the new year

Several new kits including:

– Broodlord (plastic – clampack)

– Genestealer Kit (plastic completely redone)

– XX-vores combo kit (plastic and includes build options for, Biovore, Pyrovore, a new “psychicvore”)

– Termagants Kit (plastic completely redone with “new” weapon options)

– New codex, including:

All Shield of Baal bugs included, and the new ones.

There is scattered chatter of a …

wait for it…

– plastic Gargantuan Creature (no further details)

The Tyranid rumorfront has been deader than a doornail for over a year. If you recall the closest we got to the Hivefleets this year was a rumor about Genestealer Cult returning as a small Harlequin sized release back in FEBRUARY by 79Hastings69, who has been right about pretty much everything. Sometimes he’s called things over a year out… so who knows – 2016 may be VERY GOOD for you bug fanatics. With the return of Harlequins and the launch of Adeptus Mechanisus this year – I don’t put anything past GW at this point.

For me this is kind of a mixed bag if true. Having all the formations in one book is good but Gaunts and Genestealers. I think there are many more kits that need to be updated or redone but we shall see. I just hope the codex makes Stealers useful again. The Genestealer cult could be cool for us old farts that use to play them back in the day. Anyways Thoughts?
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