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hey, you got room for one more charatcer, I'll post my dude in a sec here

Name: Gunner Greg Borjeson

Gender: Male

Age: 39

Backstory: Born on Valhalla, he was recruited into the 132nd light Snow infantry. He fought in numerous campaigns throughout the sector and then joined up with the infamous 597th unit, lead by Commisar Cain. He earned a reputation of being deadly with big guns and explosives, and earned the nickname, “Big Gun Borjeson. However, while fighting on Periremunda, he killed a comrade out of anger. He was sentenced to death, but the famous Commisar interviened and had him transferred to the 72nd Naval Defense Picket Fleet, and now serves in a regiment, under command of Sgt. Bentacore.

Appearance: At 6'9'', Borjeson is a big fellow(like Bragg from Gaunts Ghosts), and can handle any big weapontry. He has numerous scars on him, but none bigger than the one across his left shoulder, which still gives him trouble from time to time. Scruffy face, hair body, strong back, and a birth mark of red on his left cheek in the shape of a moon.

1. Flak Armour, with the Holy Aquila on it
2. Custom Auto Gun, has a large drum and larger barrel for continous full auto fire
3. Melta Gun, main weapon of choice
4. Las Pistol
5. Knife
Personality/temperament: Borjeson is an honorable man, lives by a code of honor, much like the bushido of the samurai. He won’t kill unecesarrily, or allow useless slaughter. However, he is a zealous warrior in battle, and a deeply religious man. He fight for the Emporer of Mankind, wherever they appear. He will gladly chrge into hell itself if asked, but will not kill an unarmed enemy. He dislikes people who are not honorable, and has not problem with killing them. However, he has a slight psychopath side, one where anything and everything is destroyed if he losses it, which is rare.

Tell me what you think

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