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Hope this is good enough, LJT. Looking forward to RPing this!

Name: Igni Vahn

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Backstory: Born as a tunnel rat in a hive city he never bothered to know the name of, Igni grew up scavaging for everything he ever possesed as a child and teenager. His parents did what they could, but were more interested in looking out for themselves then for their child. He learned quickly, however, and was one of the lucky few to avoid the more serious dangers of living in the underhive. Eventually, he made his up the various levels of the hive city far enough to steal a few changes of worker-class clothing and spent much of his time in the hab levels.

One day, when he was 20, he enlisted with the Imperial Navy to make his out of the hive to see what lay beyond the crowded streets and endless steel buildings. He was dissappointed however, to find out that the Emperor's mighty star ships were just the same as a hive city, but he adapted quickly enough and soon found a place in the
boarding parties of the 72nd Naval Defense Picket where he excelled in close-quarters fire fights in environments similar to those he grew up in on the hive city.

Appearance: Medium length black hair, ice-blue eyes, clean shaven, a scar runs from the right corner of his mouth to the back of his head from a las round that came a little too close. His expression is generally neutral, but when he is thinking about something particulalrly hard or if a person says something that strikes him as wrong or silly in any way, he has a very pronounced scowl on his face.

His armor is reasonably maintained, the emblem of the 72nd Battle Group covering the top and back of his helmet. His flak armor is standard naval cammo colored with his name on his left breast, and a series of kill marks are notated along the left shoulder of his flak jacket.

Wargear: Las carbine, painted matte black, extra energy packs are kept in various locations on his combat webbing. He also carries a long-barrelled auto-gun with extended magazines kept in a seperate pouch on his belt. His bayonet is standard issue, though he only uses it as a knife and never attatches it to his carbine because it adds too much weight to the end of his gun.

Personality/temperament: Outside of combat and while off duty, Igni is a personable and enjoyable man to be around. Always the first to make a joke or find the bright side in a situation. In combat, he is stern and focused, always ready with his carbine or pistol in hand and always looking out for the next threat to the squad. His marksmanship is above average, though his knife-fighting and close combat skills could use fine tuning to match.
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