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I'll be joining if thats good.

Name: James Virtus

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Backstory: James comes from a wealthy Imperial family and was raised like any Imperial boy, with iron disipline and a lot of kicks in the arse, it was probably this rough treatment that he joined the Guard, much to his parents horror. He has been working with the Pickets for a while, his first opperation involved him holding up a bunch of cultists while the rest of his squad had enough time to activate the plasma grenades.
He joined Torkins squad when he was quite young and has grown to like the "Sarge" alot

Appearance: James is a well built, lanky bastard. At 6' 5" his head nearly scrapes the roof. He is broad shouldered and always wears his Flak armour with pride, he personally inscribed the phrase "The Emperor Protects" on his breastplate just under the Imperial Eagle. He has long Black hair and rough stubble growing around his mouth and chin, obscuring most of his skin. Combined with his blue eyes make it look like there is always a creature to be revealed from his exterior features.

Wargear: Las Carbine, he loves its compactness compared to the usual Lasgun and prefers it for it is more efficent and accurate, long-bladed knife and of course his lucky laspistol, Flak armour and Shrapnel grenades

Personality/temperament: James is a generous man, he likes to shoot, alot.
Shoot before thinking, if it aint dead, shoot it some more, if it still aint dead, then its time to think.
He is gung-ho and jumps into nearly every situation with little though to his safety but always considers the safety of others when in a boarding mission of this importance.
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