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Still trying to think of a G rated name for this army...full discussion can be seen on my blog here. So this is another oddball Kirby list with the BA codex. Bloodwing has been about since the codex was released (Dante + SG as troops) and Jumper armies have also been pretty common. A couple months back a new Jumper build "emerged" where VV were replaced with Devs for fire support. I'm not really a fan of this in normal ASM Jumper armies but the idea was suggested to me by Chumbalaya of rolling Bloodwing and Devastators. So here is the resultant product (the logic and reasoning can be found in the link above).

HQ -
Librarian w/Jump Pack, Blood Lance & Shield

Honor Guard w/Jump Packs, 2x storm shields & 3x meltaguns

Elites -
Sanguinary Priest x2 w/Jump Packs
Sanguinary Priest

Troops -
10x ASM w/2x meltagun, PFist
5x Sanguinary Guard w/2x infernous pistol, PFist
5x Sanguinary Guard w/2x infernous pistol, PFist

Heavy Support -
5x Devastators w/2x ML
10x Devastators w/4x ML
10x Devastators w/4x ML

Totals: 2000 pts
Jumpers: 29
Infantry: 26

So you've go an impressive on field firebase of 10 rockets over 5 targets (all w/FNP and cover one hopes) with 29 FNP/FC Marines jumping into your face (1/3 of which are 2+ w/MC power weapons). Your numbers are a bit limited in comparison to normal Jumper lists (~54 marines) or Jumpers with Dev lists (~60+ Marines) but you've certainly got more bodies than a normal bloodwing (~35 Marines) and more combat potential than normal Jumper lists.

So let's hear it (and G rated names!).
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