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Bloodpact's favour with Khorne

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Everybody knows Bloodpact, everbody loves them. Even Chaos Astartes respect them. However, how much favour with Khorne can a mortal army receive? I mean, for one they prefer ranged combat over melee, and prefer tactics over mindless charge, even employ stealth and worse of all, gore mages! Is this just a case of outdated fluff or is Khorne just looking through their fingers because they spill a lot of blood? I can't imagine any army would receive khorne's support if they employ psykers. What do you think?
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I'm interesting in doing a Khorne daemon/CSM army with World Eaters as the CSM part, and (as opposed to berzerkers) I want a unit of CSM with bolters, BP and CCW and the mark of Khorne, using the FW WE conversion kit for the heads, torsos and shoulder pads. I love ADB's World Eater fluff and in his depiction not everyone is a berzerker. Talon of Horus is a good example- Leorkhan's (?) unit are a devastator squad carrying heavy bolters, for example
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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