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Bloodpact's favour with Khorne

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Everybody knows Bloodpact, everbody loves them. Even Chaos Astartes respect them. However, how much favour with Khorne can a mortal army receive? I mean, for one they prefer ranged combat over melee, and prefer tactics over mindless charge, even employ stealth and worse of all, gore mages! Is this just a case of outdated fluff or is Khorne just looking through their fingers because they spill a lot of blood? I can't imagine any army would receive khorne's support if they employ psykers. What do you think?
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True. However, this is clearly stated to be a rare exception among khorne followers http://web.archive.org/web/20080928005105/http://www.blacklibrary.com/articles/blood-pact.asp

I mean, Chaos Lords do utilize tactics, but usually those tactics are just a mean to get more quickly to the slaughter, but Blood Pact behave as a proper military does. Traps, officer elimination, proper logicstics, coordination etc. Something rarely seen in khornate cohorts.

And I guess Khorne overlooked the psykers simply because it meant more bloodshed.
It's ironic isn't it? Emperor's well, in this case, Chaos' greatest human champions for the most part are mindless berserkers while blood pact cultists/guardsmen are disciplined soldiers. I think Khorne got it wrong to whom should he hand out his favour, right?.

I guess if Blood Pact were still active nowadays I think they'd get really famous even with wider Chaos faction, perhaps even Abbadon.

We dont know whether Blood pact was completely eradicated or not? Fluff mentions no such thing, and I haven't read the books. Seems kinda wasteful, they seem really cool and unique. Pity they have no tabletop models, and conversion seems pain in the ass.
Yes, there are a few contradictions about Khorne. For example, Khorne is supposed to embody martial prowess, warriorhood as well as comradeship that comes with such ideals, such as seen with pre-nails/pre-khornate World Eaters. They were savage and fierce, but they were not mindless and did form battle bonds. The only killing of brothers that happened was in the pit fights, but that was more like a honourable challenge.

Yet Khorne also supposedly doesn't care from where the blood flows, and baits no eyelash when comrades kill each other in order to venerate him, which kinda defeats the warrior's code. I think Blood Pact are embodying him better than most daemonkin warbands, yet being mortals are left out of larger blessings and favours.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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