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Bloodpact's favour with Khorne

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Everybody knows Bloodpact, everbody loves them. Even Chaos Astartes respect them. However, how much favour with Khorne can a mortal army receive? I mean, for one they prefer ranged combat over melee, and prefer tactics over mindless charge, even employ stealth and worse of all, gore mages! Is this just a case of outdated fluff or is Khorne just looking through their fingers because they spill a lot of blood? I can't imagine any army would receive khorne's support if they employ psykers. What do you think?
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I've always thought that GW had not really hit the nail on what Khorne is really about. The closest I've ever seen to a good analysis of a follower of Khorne is when Corax describes his brothers rage during Istvaan. He described it as "freedom" of the mind and the control the Imperium so desperately tried to control through the Emperor's will.

When I was doing a Khorne war band I was trying to understand what the true meaning of spilling blood was. Death? All the Chaos Pantheon's symbolize death in their own form. Even with this specific war band, it isn't farfetched with old lore actually. There was a time where Khorne legions had machine guns and had canons in the same way that orks did. I think ADB tried to replicate that with the World Eater in his first Black Crusade book. As you recall he had a heavy bolter.

I feel that there is a greater concept of khorne that hasn't really been looked into. I feel like for example with drugs, drugs can make someone lose control and in very rare instances create an artist. In the same way, I think the very easy way to look at Khorne for most followers is to look at it in a dionysian scope. In much like Mars with Achilles where he loses all control. For me its the basic way to deal with the influence of Khorne. On the other hand I do believe there's more of an "apollonian" element to him where only a very few of Khornes worshipers can really understand. The Bloodpact could be very much a war band that stems from something like that.
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