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Bloodcrushers of Khorne vs Skullcrushers of Khorne

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So I want to get a unit of these for my new Khorne army but I am having a hard time picking which unit to use. To me It looks like the Skullcrushers of Khorne look like they have Bezerkers riding them. Think people would care what I used?
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If you can rustle up some 60mm circular bases, Skullcrusher models make for great Chaos Lords on Juggernauts. You could probably field them as Bloodcrushers if you didn't have any Juggerlords in your list, honestly, without too much protest--though the reaction may vary opponent by opponent, that sort of minor proxy/conversion is generally viewed as acceptable.

On the gaming front, seeing as you'd expect a Skullcrusher mini to have a 3+ armor save, they'd be disappointingly squishy, with just a 5+ invuln.
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