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BloodCri's Artwork

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I mostly do Sisters artwork since they don't get enough love. Forgive the sketchy cartoony look of most of my pictures as much of the warhammer related things I draw digitally was done in 5 minutes for /tg/

If you want to see all my art, check me out at http://bloodcri.deviantart.com

This is my Dark Heresy Techpriestess Elais "SCSI" Getchar *is shot for bad pun*

Carol and Coral. Two more Dark Heresy characters. Yes they are identical twin sisters.... of battle XD *is shot again for worse pun*

Here is a take on Slaanesh I did. Yes I'm aware the perspective of its right elbow and the codpiece is wrong and I should fix it.

and now its time for... /TG/ SHITSCRIBBLZ

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Those are good for 5 minutes. Ever consider homemade comics?
Yeah but I dont have the attention span to do comics. XD Well a long running comic anyway.
I love the Slaanesh; I would be a very, very, happy, creepy, Rep-giving young man if you could do a Dark Eldar girl like that :)
Mmm I'll see what I can do. I've been busy painting my sisters army which is turning out better than I thought it would actually. I'll put it on my things to do.
Here are a few more of my pictures for those too lazy to click on my deviantart link ;P

Tis the Tech-Priest thinking game. Write in what she's thinking. Examples here:http://bloodcri.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2stsoi

You've gotta love the Cloak of St. Aspira+Spirit of the Martyr.

Sister Evangela (currently working on a colored version of her. Also, she needs a first name)

HERESY! Now in fun bite sized pieces! Act quickly and receive all four tasty ruinous powers for only one soul! That's right; one soul! Order today!

The cutest mount of slaanesh you'll ever see. His name is Kirby!

Awright... Who let Sister Spaz into the candy jar again?



Ok ok so i'm kind of cheating with the last one. It was a birthday gift for her friend and thats her OC Raven. He's a raven deity... and a pervert...
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1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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