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BloodCri's Artwork

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I mostly do Sisters artwork since they don't get enough love. Forgive the sketchy cartoony look of most of my pictures as much of the warhammer related things I draw digitally was done in 5 minutes for /tg/

If you want to see all my art, check me out at http://bloodcri.deviantart.com

This is my Dark Heresy Techpriestess Elais "SCSI" Getchar *is shot for bad pun*

Carol and Coral. Two more Dark Heresy characters. Yes they are identical twin sisters.... of battle XD *is shot again for worse pun*

Here is a take on Slaanesh I did. Yes I'm aware the perspective of its right elbow and the codpiece is wrong and I should fix it.

and now its time for... /TG/ SHITSCRIBBLZ

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Those are good for 5 minutes. Ever consider homemade comics?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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