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Bloodclaws vs grey hunters 500 points

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hi so i am buying the sw starter box it says you get 10 grey hunters and ten bloodclaws now i want to know which is best? it seems like they are all made from the same kit...
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Yup, rhinos and razorbacks are the same price, you get more in the razorback kit.. and you can still build it as a rhino (although dont glue on the top hatch and you can switch back and forth between rhino and razorback.

I ran a blood claw army with the last SW codex and loved them... I hated having to take the 1+ unit of grey hunters that the old book required. This has now totally changed- blood claws lost most of their impact by being limited to 1 power fist per squad (used to be 2 at 6-10 models or 3 at 11-15) and not being able to make decent use of their flamer without a character/wolf guard, what's more is that they increased in points. Meanwhile the grey hunters gained +1A on charge (2CCWs vs true grit) and decreased in points significantly.
Blood claws are probably still fun, but arent the legendary choice they used to be.

A rune priest will give you immediate impact with your wolves, while a lord would bea better option for the long term (depending on how much you like rune priests). Soon after that I would recommend you start looking at support units such as the utterly fantastic long fangs (another near joke unit made good with this codex), a vindicator or mebbe 2 and dreadnaughts (I used to use a plasmacannon dreadnaught in every game with my wolves and it was supurb, my friend uses a TL-heavy flamer, heavy flamer dread in a pod in his SW and thats a horror to fight against at times, but depends largely on what you are using). Whichever routes you choose to go transports for your grey hunters should be pretty high on your list of things to get- rhinos might not be massively exciting, but they are just about the most useful vehicles around.
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