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Just received this,------->

How can Blood Bowl be even more fun and violent? By playing it in a dungeon!

The most popular variant of Blood Bowl ups the danger of the American Football inspired sport by adding exploding chests, teleporters, lava and other traps in dangerous dungeons!

Today, Dungeonbowl is back with the Knockout Edition, adding a lot of new content!

All the previous DLCs for the game are included in Dungeonbowl Knockout edition, so you can enjoy 10 colleges of magic which means 10 different teams each mixing 3 races from the Blood Bowl universe.

Come and challenge the computer thanks to the brand new computer AI added to the game. Enjoy funny and demanding matches against the best colleges of magic!

Create your own fields thanks to the Dungeon Editor, a simple and comprehensive tool which will allow you to share your creations and enjoy a myriad of maps shared by the community.

Find the ball, crush your enemies, score a touchdown, and bring glory to your magical college!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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